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Got stuck with a used needle at the thrift store?!

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I was at the thrift store about six months ago, and there was a used diabetic's needle, which at the time I did not realize that, as I thought it was a key chain lazer. Seeing as I am an idiot, I stuck my finger over the end to make it light up, but instead got the nasty surprise of a needle in my finger. It poked through the skin, and bleed, and I am worried that I might have caught something. I am only thirteen, so... I have a few questions: 1. how long does it take for germs and diseases on a used needle in open air to die? 2. what are my chances of getting aids or something from it? 3. when should i get tested and where can i? 4. what do they do at the tests? 5. my mom knows and said she will get me tested in a year. is that to long a wait? 6. how can i stop worrying?! Thanks ahead of time!