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8 months pregnant, had hit of joint for the first time?

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I am currently 8 months pregnant (due Oct. 3, 2013) and last night for the first time since I found out that I was pregnant in February, I had four to five hits from a joint that my fiance and his friend who suffers from MS were sharing. I have not smoked marijuana throughout my pregnancy and I have never tampered with any other illegal drugs like; Meth, Cocaine, Heroine etc.

Our friend's nurse came in this afternoon and it was brought up to her about the situation; she said that because of my body mass (I am currently 268 - 270 lbs and stand 5 ft. 5) that it shouldn't take even a month for the THC to leave both mine and the baby's system; but of course, I flipped out and wanted to know a 100% TRUTHFUL answer.

Yes, it was wrong of me to even take a few puffs of the joint, you don't know how terrible I feel and I am worried that CPS will try and take our baby from us. This is our first child together; but I wanted to know what kind of case would CPS be able to build against me if it ever came to be - since there would be no prior evidence of me using marijuana or any other drugs up until just last night?

How long will it take with my body mass for the THC to leave both mine and the baby's system?