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Recently I've been feeling depressed. I used to go out with this guy called Frankie last year around christmas time and we weren't friends for a long time when we split up (3 months later). After a while we became best friends again and didn't have any problems at all. I've gone out with other guys since and he hasn't cared. But recently he's been being a dick to me. He's a person who's quite full of himself and he's been saying how he's more intelligent than me and how I have really bad grades and he's the top of the class for everything but then when I get upset with him he gets angry. You see I used to get bullied so when people say stuff like that about me I get really upset because I try really hard to get good grades and I do get good grades just not as high as his so he always points that out and after a test always goes 'what did you get!?' When he knows he did better than me. So this happened about 3 weeks ago and since we have not got along at all. Then he got angry at me for not talking to him and having a harsh tone when I did. Because I was fed up of him treating the way he did when I kept on telling him not to talk about my grades and he would say sorry and then do it again! So recently I've been having scenarios that I had with my dad when I was younger but instead of my dad it was Frankie (my dad isn't a very nice person and used to get drunk a lot and always yell at my mum and I) and what happened was my dad was drunk and really angry so I tried to get away from him but he grabbed my arm so I couldn't get away. So I was yelling and screaming for my mum but she never came and my dad was yelling at me threatening me and stuff and I was finally able to get out of his grip. So in my 'dream' my dad was Frankie and I was yelling for my best friend Ben who is also friends with Frankie to get him off me. Recently Frankie has been quite scary to me with his attitude and can be just as scary as my dad was since he's 6'2 and my dads 6'3. Also recently I stopped eating. I don't have breakfast, have one or two things for lunch at school but never a sandwich and then I have dinner and my parents are really angry at me thinking I'm going to get anorexic when really I'm just not hungry so that's making me depressed too. Along with the fact I'm meant to be seeing a school nurse but she hasn't been in school since half term started. I'm not sure what I should do since I'm really worried there might be something wrong with me. If you can help me thank you so much. :)