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Fifteen and pregnant! Help me please?

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Let me explain before you judge.

I was going out for dinner with a few friends of mine, and my boyfriend. We got to subway (most of us are HUGE subway fans, so we were eating dinner there) and my best friend's boyfriend ordered, and paid. And blah blah blah, we got our food, and sat down, ate, and decided to go watch a movie at my boyfriends house. We thought his parents wouldn't care, since there were multiple people and there would be witnesses. They weren't there that night because they were having dinner at a friends.

We watched the movie (Grown Ups 2) online. About halfway through, my friend's bf had to leave, so it was just me and my friend and MY bf. The movie ended, and we sat talking for a while, and then my friend had to leave, so me and my bf had some alone time. We talked a bit and started making out and one thing led to another so quickly that, by the time we actually realized what we were doing it was too late.

That was almost three months ago. I took three tests and they were all positive, plus I am starting to show. I am including a picture of the bump so you can see what I mean. I am really regretting what we did, and need a way to tell my parents fast. Can I get an abortion without them knowing? How late is too late for an abortion? What are your guy's views on an abortion? Should I tell my bf? (he doesn't know yet) Help? I am really stressing right now about it, and am super worried. Thanks guy's.

NOTE: Please don't judge me. I know I made a mistake and am trying my best to fix it! Thanks.