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Kay guys i know i haven't been on in a while... things have gotten BAD.

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Okay mom has now threatened to make me swallow dawn dish soap (which i know can kill you because it dehydrates you horribly) all because i said a small cuss word (dammit isn't that bad of a word is it?) because i had slammed my hand on the wall by accident. Not only that, she has threatened to break my little brother's arm, and things are just getting BAD. she lied to my father and said i had yelled FUCK! when i hit my hand which was NOT true, and she is blaming every little thing on me... I mean... i wish this was over. I can't wait to grow up so i can live on my own.. i have gotten away with hiding in my room until 5 everyday, but after that, i have to deal with her stupid cussing. dad isn't standing up for me anymore, and i have a feeling things are about to get worse... what do i do?