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Can jamaica kill me?

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My friends were smoking something that seems like a cigarette. I told them that I wanted to try once. They gave it to me with a weird look, maybe an afraid look I don't know. Then I asked them what the thing was. They said it was jamaica. 5 minutes later one of us puked and lost himself. I started to feel sick, not 'high' as they told me. I searched some websites then learned that it's something chemical and it could even cause death. I got really afraid and got into bad trip. I tried to calm down, I always told myself that one breath can not kill me and I will never take something that I don't know into my body again. I took a cold shower. But I still feel afraid. My heart feels like it's under pressure. My mouth gets dry sometimes. My world is still shaking a bit. I cannot sleep because of the fear of never waking up again. Please help me. It's been 7 hours. Please!