Can jamaica kill me?

My friends were smoking something that seems like a cigarette. I told them that I wanted to try once. They gave it to me with a weird look, maybe an afraid look I don't know. Then I asked them what the thing was. They said it was jamaica. 5 minutes later one of us puked and lost himself. I started to feel sick, not 'high' as they told me. I searched some websites then learned that it's something chemical and it could even cause death. I got really afraid and got into bad trip. I tried to calm down, I always told myself that one breath can not kill me and I will never take something that I don't know into my body again. I took a cold shower. But I still feel afraid. My heart feels like it's under pressure. My mouth gets dry sometimes. My world is still shaking a bit. I cannot sleep because of the fear of never waking up again. Please help me. It's been 7 hours. Please!

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Eat something.

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It sounds like you are having an anxiety attack. I have never heard of 'jamaica' as a drug, but Jamaica - the island - is VERY well known for marijuana - and one term for it is Jamaican gold.
WEED WILL NOT HURT YOU at the level you were exposed to. It can be addictive, but it won't do harm to you (if that is what you took).
Calm down, relax. Check on your other so called 'Friends' and you will see that they are surviving and doing fine. And so will you.
But let this be a lesson on who to trust, and who is truly your friend.
Take Care, and
Good Luck!!

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Follow up note on weed addiction. Many, if not most, are not, and probably cannot become addicted. However, heavy pot use in early and mid-teen years is a problem as your brain is reaching it's final form at this time and pot can negatively effect that, so avoid more than casual use. Or avoid it all together.

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