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Is it normal to be twelve and be a 34c in bra size?

I'm a 34c and i'm twelve. My mom is an A35. No one else has a big chest in my family. Is this normal?

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im 15 and the size of my penus is only 3 1/2 inches!! is it normal?

im 15 and the size of my penus is 3-4inches and I really dont think its it??? how can it increase in size??? please help me!!


What's the normal size of a penis?

I just turned 13, my wang is 7.5 normally but around 8.5 on a good day is that small or bigg for my agee? Whats the average grown male size?

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Breast Size, is it normal?

I'm 15 years old and I'm wondering if 40D is nomal for a teenager my weight and height [141 lbs / 5 ft 2 in] O_O

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What is normal stool color?

What is normal stool color?


Is it normal to bleed when pregnant?

Is it normal to bleed when pregnant

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What's the normal depth of a vagina?

normal depth of a vagina

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Is Yellow Discharge Normal?

Is Yellow Discharge Normal?


Is it normal to touch myself?

I like to touch myself that normal


Is the size of your boobs genetic?

is the size of your boobs genetic?

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I am 168 cm and 55 kg. My sizes are 82-64-96. Is it normal?

I think my boobs are smaller than they had to be. Actually they were 86 but I lost 7 kg then they got smaller. Isn't there a way to make them bigger without gain kg again? And what do you think about the rest of my body?


what is normal ovaries size?

my RTOV is 4.2*1.7*1.7cm. vol 6.34ml, LTOV is 3.9*1.9*1.7cm. vol 6.57ml. is this size normal? My uterus : Anteverted measures 5.4*3.4*3.2 cm. Endometrium thin, No fibroids. POD free , RIG & LIF free. ADNEXAE IS Normal. what is this uterus meansures mea...


When gauging your ears,how long can you keep them in and then take them out to the point where they can still go back to normal size?

I really want to do 4's :) and like i have said in other questions about gauging i have only had 8's and i didn't have them in for very long and they went back to normal size pretty fast. --I know if you gauge em to big and leave them in for to long a...


Are my nipples normal sized?

Okay, I'm 16 and I am a 36C and I feel like my nipples are HUGE. They are like NEVER hard. My boyfriend thinks they're ok. I understand I'm 16, please no lectures, answers for my question only. Including the areola my nipple is like a quarter size, ma...


Is it normal for the lips of your vagina to be darker?

Is it normal for the lips of your vagina to be darker?

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Is it normal for me to starve myself after giving birth?

Is it normal to starve myself after giving birth ?


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