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Why am I always wet down there (vigina)?

Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising

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I have a bump on my vigina and it itches...Is that normal

That's right its just a little red ball above my vagina and it itches really bady...Is that normal???


what if my vigina hurts after fisting,and can you get streched out ?

Well I have been fisting and was woundering what happens if you feel like you have been streched out to much,and can this happen?

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Worried my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones

my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones and I don't know if its normal, they don't bother me at all, but I'm sort of worried about it! I have them in the inside part of my lips (vagina ones.

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Excess flesh hanging out of vigina

Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It's the same colour as the rest of the inside o...


What are these bumps on my vigina?

I'm pregnant and I have these small mole like bumps on my vigina.When I informed my doctor about them she just said (without looking at it) that I have a yeast infection and told me to use this seven day cream.Well I'm done with the cream,but the bumps...


Why is my vagina and butt crack dark?

why is my vigina and the butt crack dark when I have light skin how do I get rid of it?

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What's this loose skin on my vagina?

hi my name is chavely im 14 years old lmost 15 ok well look I've been real uncomfturble with loose skin in my vigina and im worried o do anything with a guy because what if they never incounerd a girl with loose skine in her vigina you no and im despr...

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Why do I get itchy when wearing tampons?

When I wear tampons my vigina itches real bad..on the inside and around my lips I am 14 years old(im not a vigin and I shave) I am on the pill. This didnt start till after I started taking the pill!..I have this white creamy discharge, it doesnt sti...

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