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Will they find out I stored urine in a condom?

I had a friend give me a urine sample in a condom, I used this sample and was still warm will this work or will they find out that I stored it in a condom?


How to pass a urine test?

how do I pass a urine test for marijuana?


Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?

Can I get pregnant if I use a condom?

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What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?

What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?


Pass a urine test

What home remedies are there for passing a urine test?


Does the sperm in the condom dry up

After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?

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passing urine test

how to pass a urine test for pain killers and muscle relaxers


Sperm in urine in women

Is it possible to get sperm in female urine and what are those conditions?


can you get pregnant even if you use condoms and birth control pill

can you get pregnant even if you use condoms and birth control pills?

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What is the chance of pregnancy if you use a condom and the pull-out method?

what is the chance (%) that your pregnate if you have s*x with a condom and he pulled out before he came

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Clean urine sample after using meth?

Is there anything I could add to my urine to make it test clean from meth?


Chance of getting pregnant with condom

How tiny is there of a chance of getting pregnant when using a condom? Is there anything that will help the condom work I'ts best? What other protection should we use?

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if I dont have a condom what can I use instead

I ran out of condoms and I cant go get some soon, what are some other choices I can use instead? not the pill tho.


Exp. Condom

I have a question. Can I be pregnant if me and my boyfriend used an exp. condom (exp by a few months) and he doesn't come and the condom doesn't break. what do you say? Do you think I'm pregnant?


guys have a harder time than girls holding their urine?

Do guys really have a harder time than girls when it comes to holding their urine? I can hold it for at least 8 hours, thanks to school. but I jw


Will I pass my urine test today?

I drank about 8 beers last night and have to take a urine by 5 pm today do you think I will be ok


what is the quickest way to rid THC from your urine?

I have a urine test coming up in a week and I am a heavy user of marijuana. I was wondering if possibe the quickest way to remove the THC from my urine with out masking it?


Chance of getting pregnant if condom breaks?

what would be the chances of a girl getting pregnant if the condom breaks but shes on birth control and hasn't ever missed a day
? How protected would you be?


How to pass a urine test using cranberry pills?

how can I pass a drug test using cranberry pills? does any one know EXACTLY how to do this and if so could you explain it to me in detail.. thanks


Could i become pregnant if my boyfriend's condom broke, but he didn't cum in it ?

He came in the condom we had about 30 minutes earlier. We had a break cause he was tired, and put a new condom on, and he was a little too rough and it broke while it was in me..

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How can I get clean for a urine and hair test?

I used cocaine 2times a week ago aproximately a 50 of cocaine and yesterday I used a 20 of cocaine and I have a pee test on Thursday and a hair drug test. Will I pass either one? And if not what can I do before then to pass my pee test


Dilute your urine with water directly.

If you dilute your urine directly with water and just add a couple of drops of your urine, will a positive results come back. I just took a couple of tokes of some weed and 2 snort of cocaine, and had a surprise drug tests the next day so I put warm ...


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