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T afford abortion

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I can't afford abortion. Please help?

If you're reading this and you're anti-abortion, please, do not give me your input on this question... I dont care that you're against abortion! You dont know the situation I'm in.
So, im only 17 years old, im pregnant, and I can't afford an abortion, ...


How to get the abortion pill or abortion free?

A really close friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant, and im not quite sure how to answer her question. Can an underage girl get an abortion (preferrably the abortion pill) for free if they cannot tell their parents? Would they be able to lower t...


Why am I having brown discharge?

I finished my period about a week ago today,but a couple of days after I finished,I've been getting discharge with a slight brown tint to it,also with tiny stringy like dark bits to it,its only in my discharge though,I have had this before but only lik...


Am I pregnant from him having c*m on his fingers?

my boyfriend fingered me 25 days before..and we had a doubt that he had c*m on is finger when he fingered me.but we did'nt take any preventive measure.then after that we had s*x with condom I guess a few days before.but we were still worried about the ...


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