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Sticking finger urethra

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Is sticking things in your urethra harmful?

is puting thing up youu eurthera hard ful if you take it out

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when you get fingered what do you wear

when you get fingered what are you wearing

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Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?

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Things to use to finger yourself

What are good things to stick yourself with


When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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Do you bleed from the first time you are fingered?

Do you bleed if you get fingered for the first time?

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Can you get fingered with a UTI?

if you have a uti (urinary track infection) can you get fingered?


Itchy finger

Does it mean something if your middle finger itches a lot?


Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

Okay I had my period on the 10 and on the 21 I was fooling around with my boyfriend he fingerd me with sperm on his finger what are the chances of getting pregnant was I ovulating?

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How does fingering your-self feel?

How does fingering your-self feel?
does it hurt?

btw, im 14

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Can getting fingered wit sperm and your finger gt you pregnant?

I was giving a lad a handjob and when he the sperm was on my finger we were messng and it touched near my vagina does that mean im pregant? I wasn on the pill

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Is it bad to finger yourself if you havent had your period yet?

Im 14 and i havent had my period yet. I havent had a bf and i want to finger myslelf. Is it bad an how do i do it!:)


Is fingering yourself healthy?

I've never really tried that but one of my friends has
and I wan't to know if it's healthy?

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My finger itches

The tip of my index fingr itches!(wierd, I ko) how do you get rid of the itch and why does it itch like crazy!...??

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Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?

Ok now I have been wondering if you can get a girl pregnant by fingering them if like you had maserbated like and hour before or something soo yeah I was wondering that

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Can you get pregant from fingering

I wanna know can you get pregant from fingering, or can that affect your vagina later on in life.
Does that mean you lose your virginity

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Itchy Middle finger

The tip of my middle finger has been itching every day. It's been about three months. What could it be? It's not swollen it just itches bad.


Can a girl be fingered if she's never had her period?

my boy friend was talking about us getting more serious... but I still havn't gotton my period, can he still finger me?

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Am I pregnant from him fingering me?

My boyfriend fingered me on August 5, I had a pregnancy test on August 17. Would it have shown up by then? I'm really scared. Could I be pregnant?

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why does it look like one side of my ribs sticks out more then the other?

i just noticed my left side protrudes out a lot more then my right side of my rib cage? weird?


How can you get prego by your boyfriend fingering you?

Well im 15 and my Ex boyfriend fingered me last month and I am 10 days late on my period... Could I be pregneant??

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Brown discharge after getting fingered, is it normal?

When my boyfriend fingers me, I always bleed a little, and the next day I have a brownish dischage. is it normal? or should I worry? im not a virgin.

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why it bleeds so much after fingering?

if you finger a girl deep inside. does it bleed too much? like for few days and low abdomen pains badly? suggest me what could have happen and what is the cure of it and what to do to make the bleeding stop.


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