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Is it bad sleeping with wet hair?

to make the question clearer, what I meant is, say I had a shower an hour ago but my hair is still wet/damp in some places, is it bad to sleep like that? some people I know, including my mom, say that it gives you an headache or something like that. I ...


is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

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I don't grow armpit hair, is this a problem?

Could not growing armpit hair be a health concern?


Why am I always wet down there (vigina)?

Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising

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Sleeping pills, how to get them out of your system

How can you get them out of your system if you have taken too there something that can help you vomit them out


what happens if you go to sleep while your high of marijuana?

what happens if yu go to sleep while your highh of marijuana? I always wanted to know ?


What is the wet clear stuff in my underwear and will it go away?

I have really wet clear stuff coming out of my has no odor,or color.


Why do I have a vagina that is wet and stinks most of the time?

My vagina is slimy and wet a lot of the times, you know how when you itch youre butt you have that smell?, well its like that but its a vagina smell..

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What is causing this wet brown spot?

When I go to the bathroom I notice a wet brown spot on my underwear. At first I thought it was from my butt whole. But I then noticed that it was from my vag. Anyone happen to know what could be the cause of this??


wet stuff

every time I go to the bathroom I see a little wet and wihte and brown stuff at the bottom of my underwaer my sister said it is cum I never ask my mom anything is it cum?

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How can I get clean for a urine and hair test?

I used cocaine 2times a week ago aproximately a 50 of cocaine and yesterday I used a 20 of cocaine and I have a pee test on Thursday and a hair drug test. Will I pass either one? And if not what can I do before then to pass my pee test


How to fix sore neck after sleeping on it weird?

I guess I slept on my neck weird,or something,because I woke up and it hurts.
Its like my lower neck,where it goes into my shoulders and back.
I've tried ibuprofen but it didnt do much.


Why is sleeping under moonlight unhealthy?

I'm not sure if this is true, but when I was a little girl my mom would always make sure that we couldn't see the moon from the window because she said it could make us sick. is this possible? I've searched all over the web if sleeping under moonligh...


Ingrown hair or boil?

I am 28 years old always been faithful to my fiance. I just recently got bump above the lips of my vagina it is about 1/2 inch wide it looks like it is filled with either puss or blood hurts like heck to touch or where underwear. my fiance also just...


When you go to sleep high, do you wake up high?

If you smoke really strong weed and go to sleep can you wake up high the next day if you only slept like... 4 hours? Or less? Because, I know someone who got high for their first time then came to school all mellow, giggly and zoned out. Could that be ...


Why do I always feel wet down there?

Alright, well I'm 17 years old, about to turn 18 soon. I'm still a virgin. I missed my period last to last month and two weeks later I got it..and that's never happened to me before, I got my period when I was about 12 an it was normal, up until when t...


White ok?

When I get wet its not clear girl wetness, its a whitish thin wet. Is this normal?

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Does garlic cause insomnia?

What are your experiences with garlic? Has it helped you sleep? Has it caused you to lose sleep? I was reading that it has a reputation for doing both. If I want to sleep better, should I stop eating garlic...or should I eat it to sleep better?



Why does tissue make my vagina bleed.

When I am done urinating I wipe my vaginal ara as everyone does. However it seems as if the tissue decides to break down into little pieces in that area. And with it being so moist when I go to urinate again the litlepieces are stil there only now they...

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Why do girls get wet/horny?

Ok I really wanna know why they get horny and wet and stuff..yea ik they squirt. Why why do they get wet? Like I really wanna know...u know?

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Is it normal to have discharge all the time?

why do I have dischage in my panties all the time. is that normal. im always wet

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Does being anorexic cause you to become more hairy?

I have always had hair on my body, like on my arms and what not but ever since I have been losing weight I have noticed that I am gettig more hair on my body. Can being anorexic do this to your body or what is the reason for this?


Vaginal itching on pubic area

I have a rash with a burning and king of painful burning in the pubic hair area can you tell me why.


I feel like somthing is moving inside my stomach

well I feel like somthing is moving inside my stomach and this is happening like 24-7.. and I thought that it was gas but it was not. and when im going to sleep I sleep with my belly down and it bothers me. and I have backpains that really hurt a lot


Can you get hiv from a cut?

Ok, I went to this hair salon and the hair stylist carelessly made a small cut on my ear, I didn't notice it until I went home. Can I get hiv from it? Cause I heard that you could get hiv from something like that. Im really worried now.


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