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Is it ok to smoke marijuana while doing a body cleanse?

I am doing a 7 day gnc full body cleanse. I eat healthy, but smoke marijuana. Will this affect the results of my cleanse? Or will it just clean it while I'm doing it?


Does marijuana show up on prenatal tests?

Does marijuana show up on prenatal tests?


How can I flush out my system after smoking marijuana?

How can I flush out my system after smoking marijuana?


how long can sperm survive out of the body??

how long can sperm survive out of the body??




Can Vitamin E cleanse your system of THC and how long?


How to get marijuana out your system?

What is free and really works to get marijuana out of your system?


When does your body stop growing?

When do your feet stop growing as well as your height?
When do breast stop growing?


what happens if you go to sleep while your high of marijuana?

what happens if yu go to sleep while your highh of marijuana? I always wanted to know ?


How long does sperm stay in your body?

I was wondering how long sperm stays in your body and if he ejaculate in me today and yesturday does them amount of sperm double up in me or what

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Difference between medical marijuana and home grown??

So Im just basically wondering what is the difference between medical marijuana and home grown?? does one have more THC than the other or what??


what is the quickest way to rid THC from your urine?

I have a urine test coming up in a week and I am a heavy user of marijuana. I was wondering if possibe the quickest way to remove the THC from my urine with out masking it?


How can I get marijuana out of my system by tommorow?

I have a surprise drug test tommorrow that we did not know about. I need to clean out by then. What should I do?


I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body

I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body so you think.Would a hot tub becouse it supplies heat and saunas and both of them make you sweat clean out thc out of youre system?

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THC Cleanse

I was told to drink orange juice & take high doses of Niacin in order to rid my system of THC. Is this effective?


Does Detox 7 Whole body cleanser help you pass a u.a test???

I need to know if Detox 7(not the premium Detox 7) can make you pass a drug test?



If I took one hit of weed and the next morning I drank two gallons of water four hours prior to my drug test will I pass


Marijuana and 6 months pregnant

Im 6 mos. Pregnant and I've been smoking weed before and after I found out about my pregnancy. I barerly smoke anymore but when I do the baby moves more after 2 hits. Is this a sign?


Will 6 penicillion pills clean THC from my body?

I took 6 penicillion pills over a period of 4 days my piss is clear everytime I use the bathroom. does it mean that THC is being cleaned from my body. and that I could pass a drug screen?


How do I pass a blood marijuana test?

How do I pass a blood marijuana test? I don't smoke every day maybe 3 to 4 times every 2 weeks... What is the most efficient and fast way to get THC out of your system?



Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks?

Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks? I smoked maybe 5 times in the past month. The marijuana I smoked was from Amsterdam so it was pretty high in THC. What can I do to speed up the process of it getting out of my system? If I run l...


Marijuana Detox

I never smoke marijuana. Howeveron May 31, after a few drinks for celebrating my birthday, my boyfriend offered and I took a few puffs. Now I have to take a drug test for a job at the end of this month; June 30. Do you think the marijuana will be ou...


how can I get marijuana out of my system?

my husband has a drug screen on march 26th and he smoked last nite...hes on probation and basically I was wondering if niacin flush free works to clean out your system? any info would be greatly appreciated!


some body please help I need all the help I can get with this !!

I jerked off on monday and I fingered my girlfriend on saturday and I think she might be pregnant but I washed my hands every day since then im soo scared somebody pleaseee tell me she'll be alright !

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How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system?

yea im 15 about to turn 16.

each time I go to the local skatepark-
I know like each guy there from school parties etc.
they always ask me if I want to get smoked down,
and I always say no, because I have to be home like by 11pm
& they all said I've ch...


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