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Is the size of your boobs genetic?

is the size of your boobs genetic?

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it possible to decrease the size of hymen if open

it possible to decrease the size of hymen if open

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Does losing weight increase your penis size?

Does losing weight increase your penis size?


Is this a good size?

my 'member' is 6'', is that normal??


Which birth control pills can increase boob size?

Which birth control pills can increase boob size?


What are the different needle sizes in a hospital

Needle sizes large to small?


What's the average penis size?

What is the average penis size? I am 15 years old what is the average for me?

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what's the avarage size peins for a 13 year old?

what's the avarage size peinus for a 13 year old?

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Gum ball sized

I have a gum bal sized ball in my neck it moves.what is it and how did I get it and what is it


Whats the average foot size

For a 15 year old(male)what is the average foot size

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Size 11and 12 is call fat...?

Am having this discussion ...and I want to know if size 11and 12 is call fat...

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Diff sizes???

whyy do some girls have bigger breasts dan others...?

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Why do sum people say a guys shoe size is the size of his well you

well a lot of people say that guys or gals do you think its true? what is your opinion on it have you ever met a guy whos shoe size is the same as his you kn0 or if your a guy is your shoe size the same as your you know?


Do condom machines sell different sizes?

Does the condom machines in public bathrooms sell the three different sizes of condoms?..just wondering..

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what size pants do you take?

I take a size 2, but the stores don't make 2 any more so I have to get size 3 and their kinda baggy. so anyways, what size do you take in pants?


How big is a size zero?

I'm really confused about the measurements of a size zero.. I mean how much does your weist have to be to have a size 0 ?


how to measure dick size??

I know how to measure but to have to pull skin back or push something to measure it. plus what should a 13 year size be


Tummy size when pregnant

How big should a girl's stomach be by the time she is 3 months prego?
(pics if you can please)

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