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Is light pink spotting a period?

Period today was a no show but did have light light pink spot when I wiped but went away!! Negative pt could I still be preg??


What is this piece of skin hanging down from my vagina?

I have had this piece of skin hanging down from my vagina and it really bothers me. It doesnt itch or its not red or anything, it just bothers me because it is there. I need to know if this is normal because I do not want to have something down there t...


Pink discharge after intercourse

What could cause pink discharge after intercourse?
My period was 2 weeks ago but it was really weird; it came for two days, left for two days, then came back for 2 days. Could something be wrong with me?


Why does my vagina have two things hanging off it

Hi I was just wonder my vagina has to things hanging off it on both sides of my hole where the tampons it meant to go and I've never seen it before on any diagrams or anything and its starting to scare me and it is like the pink stuff on the rest off ...

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Pink Discharge? Could I be pregnant?

I've startedto produce pink discharge last night/today but I can't be pregnant can I? I'm a virgin but I do have a boyfriend. Whenever me and my boyfriend do things together it is always with a condom on so we're extra safe. But could I somehow be preg...

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Excess flesh hanging out of vigina

Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It's the same colour as the rest of the inside o...


What could be this slight pink discharge ?

Hey all, I observed light pink blood discharge (very lil kind)on toilet whitepapaer tissue, after I had my sh*t.
What it could be? I feel , I can;t be preggo since I havent had any s** recently and not anytiem before. But yes, my boyfriend did c*m o...


What do I do if I peeled the sunburn skin?

Its raw pink, and I don't know what to do! :(


Peeled Sunburn to Early

So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?


Spotting, is it implantation bleeding?

I've been pregnant before. Never have had a period though. Now... I think I'm having implantation bleeding...
I need to know if these are the signs...

light pink discharge
and I can only see it on the tissue if I stick the tissue up there...
and some ...


Loose skin on my vagina opening

im 15 I've got this little weird piece of loose skin...its not the labia before you say that.
its hanging off the actual vagina opening, its attatched to the top but not the bottom.
im worried please help!!!

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Why is my hymen white?

Well I am a carmel colored female.. I really dont pay attention to my body as I should but last week I noticed that my hymen was a milky white and not a pink color it has never been any color but pink... Doesnt hurt, not swollen or anything. I was also...


sunburn. what it should look like

so I was out in the sun for 7 hours with NO sunscreen. I know, stupid right? but anyways my skin is peeling and it sortof looks blotchy. like my skin is tan and then where its peeling its like pink and different colours. is that normal? or does this so...


Why do I feel sick from a sip of alcohol?

okay in Julyy I got kinda drunk...well a few days ago I had another party...and well I didnt drink much...everytime I took a sip of some type of alcohol..I felt sick 2 my stomach like I already had another hang over...
why is this happeningg?


Why am I happy in school but sad at home?

in school im always smiling. im happy and active. I do everything in school. the work, activities and I even hang out with my friends and im relly happy. Why is it at home I want to tear my heart out. I mean I have fun at home with my sister and brothe...


How can I get rid of a brown discharge coming out of my vagina?

Well, its like a stain that comes out of me and gets on my panties. I do wash though and wash my clothes. A while back I was using a baby detergent. It comes in a white jug with pink and blue writing on the front. You get it from any grocery store. But...

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