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How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?

How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?

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How bad is it to cut yourself and put ink in it?

me and my friends do it all the time im just womdering what damages we are doing


How do I stop bleeding from a cut toe?

I cut a chunk off my toe it's been bleeding for about an hour now. Band-aids won't work should I try to drop some candle wax on it?


Can you get hiv from a cut?

Ok, I went to this hair salon and the hair stylist carelessly made a small cut on my ear, I didn't notice it until I went home. Can I get hiv from it? Cause I heard that you could get hiv from something like that. Im really worried now.


What color should the inner labia be for a hispanic person be?

I would like to know.. Im a light tan, and mine at the end it has a shadow color. what I thought was maybe my period changed the color of my vagina. If it was that. what can I do to get rid of that?


How can I hide my cutting?

I can't stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don't want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide...


Why does my right wrist sweat sometimes?

For as long as I can remember my right wrist has been prone to sweat at random and id really like to know why. I dont know anyone else with the same problem, and everyone else thinks its very strange, my boyfriend and my family are the only ones who do...


Why is my scab a sickly green?

the other day I fell down the basemant stairs and cut my arm and then a showed it to my mom and she said to clean it with peroxide and I did then the next day it turmed a sickly green. What is wrong with my scab on my arm?


Why do I have a deep hole in my chest area?

Why do I have a deep hole in my body (chest area) my mum said when she was going to give birth to me they had to cut her open and get me out is that the reason why I have that? And how can I get rid of it because im scared of taking my t shirt off in t...

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Homemade hard casts for broken bones!

Does anyone knowhoe to make homemade hard casts that won't come off, like the kind they give you when you break a bone? Cause recently I broke my wrist and I don't want to have to pay to get one if I can figure out how to make one..PLEASE HELP

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Stomach feeling "tight"

Is it normal for your stomach to feel tight around your belly button? I've noticed mine does when you push on it and it only feels that way around my belly button. Everywhere else feels soft I guess you'd say. Is this just because I'm not fat *no offen...

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I'm on Birth Control Pills and my nipples hurt, can I be pregnant?

When they say your breast hurt, is there something specific about it?
My nipples hurt, but thats the only thing.
I last period was November 2nd.
But I've been waiting to get a pregnancy test.
I'm going to be buying one as soon as the holidays start...


How is it possible to become pregnant without inserting his penis?

it is possible to get pregnant while it was your first day of your period. and by just fooling around your boyfriend dry humps you him in shorts and you in underwear with a pad. and then he kinda touched you with his penis but never insert your vagina ...

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When you go to sleep high, do you wake up high?

If you smoke really strong weed and go to sleep can you wake up high the next day if you only slept like... 4 hours? Or less? Because, I know someone who got high for their first time then came to school all mellow, giggly and zoned out. Could that be ...


Why im always smelling at school?If I take showers before going?

Why im always smelling at school if I take showers everyday before going, I put deodorant, I wash my whole body I take like an hour, put lotion, I even buy different perfumes to avoid smelling, I wash my clothes every weekend hate putting dirty clothes...


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