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Nose piercing pussing

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Is my nose piercing infected?

Okay,So I posted a thing before about my nose peircing being infected.
Now,Its all red,and puss comes out when I take the ring out.
And theres a huge bump inside my nose,all around the peircing.
I dont want to go to the doctor,
are there any other thin...


Can your face really become paralyzed if you get your nose pierced and they hit a nerve?

I dont know if its just my mom trying to freak me out so i wont get it done or if its true and she is really warning me. Someone help me out please?


Can belly button piercings scab?

Can belly button piercings scab?


my new nose piercing is bleeding : (

I got my nose pierced June 30th and right after I got it I noticed there was dried blood on it I figured it was from where Id just got it done but the next morning there was dried blood on it again, and again I just figured this was because it was new....


Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?


How long is a Monroe piercing swollen for?

ow long does it usually be swollen for

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Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed?

Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed? Hmm. Just wondering. ^_^


What does sweating on the nose mean?

I've heard that if you sweat on the nose normally it means your evil or mean.

Whats the origin behind it?


What is this brown stuff in my nose?

I just blew my nose and some dark brown mucus came out. Should I be worried? Has this happened to anyone else?


Signs of an infected piercing?

what are signs of a infected ear piercing for ex. is your ear supposed to hurt a lot and be red or abnormal amount of time?


noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing

im trying to figure out why all of the sudden I noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing. it looks weird just wondering if its normal or not


Snake Bite PIercings Swelling?

I got snake bite piercings a few days ago.. When does the selling of the lip go down? My lips still swollen and its going on the 4th day :(


A bump on the back of my piercing, is that OK?

I just got my ears pearced in january 30th on the top of my ear and now it hurts...
and I have a bump on the back of my earing im scared...
the earing is stil in their


Swelling after a piercing.

How do I reduce the swelling quickly after spiderbite piercings? I've tried ice but it doesn't seem to be going down, one of the piercings is actually digging into the skin so much that it is almost not visible on the inside of my lip.


What does it mean if my piercing (left earlobe) is black?

Like, when I take out the earring, the hole is black and surrounded by this black...colour I geuss? It doesnt hurt at all, and its not leaking anything, and its fully healed.


Infected monroe piercing

My monore is infected I got ride of most of it but were the ball contact my outer lip is red and wound like and it has a nasty discharge!!
Any adive is welocmed please

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Nipple Piercing

I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but an...


Scar Tissue on belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced 4-22-08. on the top hole, it is a bit redish purpulish. but you cant really see it if you look at. I know its there because its mine. I read around and I think its called scar tissue, b ut im not exactly sure what that is. can s...


I think I Have A Keloid On My Lip Piercing

umm im a screamer and I have snakebites

but I dont know how I caught on while eating it bled and like a bit on the outside scabbed up and now its kinda gone fleshy is that a keloid
I've heard keliods are a bit dodgy and im worried because ever ti...

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Did any of you change your piercing jewelry early?

Piercings are a big thing in teens now a days. Today I'm getting my lip pierced and my monroe done. And I would like to have some questions answered about them.

I know the piercer when I first got my lip done said to not take your piercing out and ch...


Why is my monroe piercing red around the hole & raised?

I got it about 9 days ago.
My lip itself isnt swollen
But around the hole its red in a circle and its kinda raised up a little bit more then my regular skin.
Im freaking out, I dont want it to be infected which I doubt it is because I clean it w/ s...


White crust in belly button?

I just got my belly button pierced about 6 days ago and it is red on the top and I used H2OCEAN spray but it made is red to I use bactine is that okay for it should I be worried? also I used salt and water and it pussed white and I have dried white stu...


How long will the swelling last?

I got a monroe piercing yesterday and today it's swollen ofcourse.
When I had my bottom lip pierced I forgot how long the sweling lasted. So how long would it take the swelling from the monroe piercing to go down?


lump in my virgina

ok well theirs a lump on my virgina and I didnt know what it was and I squeezed it and like yellow puss came out it hurts.its kinda big but the more puss comes out the smaller it no mores coming out..but its still pretty big. what do I do? do ...

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