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Nipple hurt smell fishy

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Why do I smell so bad down there?

Why do I smell so bad down there?


Why does sperm smell?

Why does sperm smell


Normal to smell fishy the day before my period starts?

Is it normal to smell fishy the day before my period starts? The smell always goes away after my period ends so I don't think it is bv. Does this mean my vagina is unhealthy or something?


Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?

My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)

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Fishy smell after my boyfriend ejaculates inside of me, why?

Has anyone noticed a fishey sort of smell from your vagina after a man ejaculating inside you with no protection? This happens to me, and its most off putting. I know this is the reason for the scent as it always happens with my boyfriend. I just want ...


Why does my period smell so strong?

Why does my period smell so strong?


Does c*m have a smell?

Does c*m have a smell


How can women enlarge nipples?

How can women enlarge nipples?

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why does pussy smell bad?

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what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?


Nipple ouchy

My nipple in sensitive to the touch. Why?

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I'm on Birth Control Pills and my nipples hurt, can I be pregnant?

When they say your breast hurt, is there something specific about it?
My nipples hurt, but thats the only thing.
I last period was November 2nd.
But I've been waiting to get a pregnancy test.
I'm going to be buying one as soon as the holidays start...


How do I get rid of puffy nipples?

how to get rid of them.

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Sore Nipples

I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?

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Why does semen smell like chlorine?

My semen smells like chlorine. Is it normal? If not, then what should it smell like and how do I get it normal?


Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?


Why do I smell like ammonia down there?

Why is there an ammonia like smell coming from my vaginal area.


Period smell

when ever you get your period don;t you smell this funky smell...well if you don;t I should I get rid of it


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