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Does marijuana show up on prenatal tests?

Does marijuana show up on prenatal tests?


How to pass a urine test?

how do I pass a urine test for marijuana?


Pass a urine test

What home remedies are there for passing a urine test?


What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?

What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?


How can you tell if you're pregnant without a test?

How can you tell if you're pregnant without using the test?

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Do you have to be 18 to buy a pregnancy test?

Can you buy a pregnancy test if you're not 18 in the USA?


passing an ETG test

besides not drinking how can I pass an ETG test for alcohol


passing urine test

how to pass a urine test for pain killers and muscle relaxers


Passing a alcohol etg test

Besides not drinking, there a way to pass a alcohol etg ua?


How do I test clean if I used meth within 24 hours of testing?

I'm looking for intelligent answers from first hand experience.what is the best way to test clean for meth if you've been a heavy user(3-4 times a day)with only stopping use 24 hours prior to testing.


please help I'm being tested tomorrow

what type of 500 m niacin should I use to pass a urine drug test? Flushing or No Flush


Does Detox 7 Whole body cleanser help you pass a u.a test???

I need to know if Detox 7(not the premium Detox 7) can make you pass a drug test?


How to pass a urine test using cranberry pills?

how can I pass a drug test using cranberry pills? does any one know EXACTLY how to do this and if so could you explain it to me in detail.. thanks


Will I pass my urine test today?

I drank about 8 beers last night and have to take a urine by 5 pm today do you think I will be ok


Can you take a pregnancy test while you're sick with the flu?

Just curiousity can a woman take a pregnancy test while having the flu and get a fair result or can the flu mess up the results and say negative when it's positive or vice versa ??


Can my girlfriend test positive for THC from kissing me?

Can my girlfriend test postive for pot "THC" from giving me head or kissing me. As far as the kissing thing goes say I smoke the night before and the next day I make out with her.


How can I get clean for a urine and hair test?

I used cocaine 2times a week ago aproximately a 50 of cocaine and yesterday I used a 20 of cocaine and I have a pee test on Thursday and a hair drug test. Will I pass either one? And if not what can I do before then to pass my pee test


How do I pass a blood marijuana test?

How do I pass a blood marijuana test? I don't smoke every day maybe 3 to 4 times every 2 weeks... What is the most efficient and fast way to get THC out of your system?



Can weed cause a false pregnancy test?

Okay so I am 11 days late and I've taken many different home test but all were false. I am not taking birth control or using a condom either. I do smoke weed on a day to day basis. Could that be why all the test are false?


What, is it possible to feel pregnant without taking a test?

Im on birth control. My boyfriend came in me about four times. Last month I had a light period that was only about two days. This month I feel like I look fatter and my stomach has been feeling weird. Is it possible to feel pregnant and know your pregn...


Will nicotine show up in a blood test?

I'm having a blood test next week - if I don't drink or smoke in that week before the test will the nicotine or alcohol show up? I've only been smoking a bit recently but I don't wanna get done over by my parents :S Oh yes and if anyone knows if they t...


Passing tests

I have a drug test that gets sent out to a lab to get tested.. I was smokking weed, I ahvent in about a week but was smoking for like a month maybe longer.. I have to take my test in 5 days.. What can I do?!

I heard that labs can detect the drinks ...


How to pass a piss test Fast?

I bought two detoxes. I took one tonight and Im taking one tomorrow morning and if I fail I go away for a about a year! So any suggestions to help?Extra things to try before I go in or will these work? I know detoxes are just a cover up for a few hours...


What is the fastest way to clear my system of weed before a test?

I have a drug test that might be coming up anytime this month. I heard about a lot of remedies but I don't know if they work. Do things like vinegar, green tea, and energy drinks really help? And also, I just started taking vitamins so will they also h...


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