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Large white bump peni head

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What are these white bumps on my penis?

I get white small ''popups'' around my penis head for a while (1-2 years).
but they not disturb me, I'm curious what are they. Maybe I'm sick?

So what are they?
Is it serious?


Sore white bump on my tongue

I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!


How to make a penis pump?

How to make a penis pump?

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I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!! What is it??

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Throat infection, white bumps.

Two days ago I woke up with an extremely sore throat. I could hardly breath and I was coughing like crazy. Things haven't gotten better drinking water helps calm my throat but now my eyes burn too but I don't have a temp. I havent gone to the doctor bu...


When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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Does losing weight increase your penis size?

Does losing weight increase your penis size?


What's the average penis size?

What is the average penis size? I am 15 years old what is the average for me?

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What a non-circumcised penis looks like?

What a non-circumcised penis looks like?

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Bumps on the vaginal area

Umm what are these bumps?
They sometimes be big with pus in them
And they hurt very bad.

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White ok?

When I get wet its not clear girl wetness, its a whitish thin wet. Is this normal?

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Can you be pregnant and that white clear discharge still comes out?

I know the clear yellow discharge is normal but can you still be pregnant if it comes out?


Normal for a man's penis to smell like fish?

My friend wants to know, is it normal for a man's penis to smell like fish? What is the cause?


The white of my eyes aren't white

The white of my eyes are not white anymore. I've noticed for the last few years that they have slowly been getting brownish or yellowish and not that youthful bright white they use to be. I am only 37 years old and have good eye sight in general so w...


Why is there white flakey stuff coming from my vagina?

I have white flakey stuff coming out of my pee whole and my vagina itches like crazy!!! what is happening?

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Why do I have white creamy discharge coming out from my vagina?

oh when im not on my period I get this creamy white discharge what does this mean helppp

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pus filled bumps after shaving down there. what do I do

after I shave I get them on the surface of my vag. im 14 I dont know what to do.

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I have a bump on my vigina and it itches...Is that normal

That's right its just a little red ball above my vagina and it itches really bady...Is that normal???


when white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?

like what does it mean when the clear stuff shows on your pantys I dont get it

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Whats the white stuff down there

Ok like theres this white stuff on my vergina lip that looks sort of like moist lint what is it


noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing

im trying to figure out why all of the sudden I noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing. it looks weird just wondering if its normal or not


Why is my bug bite flashing red to white?

It's not insanely bright but it is faintly going red to white. It kinda scaring me x.x


What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?

What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?

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