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Itchy sore breast

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Is it normal for my breasts to be really sore and itchy

My breasts are really sore and itchy right now, have been for about 2 days. I'm about a week off my period and I'm 13. Never happened before and I've had my period since I was 11. Why is this suddenly happening?


Both breast are sore for last 2-3 days???

Both of my breast have been hurting for 2-3 day but I just finshed my period a week ago, what is going on?


Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?

My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)

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Why are my breasts sore?

I wonder if anyone can help me?...can somebody tell me why I have tender breasts? they hust so bad, I cant even touch the nipple without them hurting badly. I know im not pregnant becasue I havent had other symptoms...what do you think?


Sore breast

I got sore boobehs, like, and when I squeeze the out bit by the nittple just before it hits the coolour of the nipple it feels like theres like sumfng in dere :S is this normale when I press on it it like moves and dne I just get left with abit of ...

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How to produce breast milk with out pregnancy?

How to produce breast milk with out pregnancy?


what if the husband drinks the breast milk?

is it harmful?

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Sore Nipples

I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?

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Why is my vagina itchy?

why that my vagina get itchy??for almost a week already

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Why inside of my vagina is itchy?

Why inside of my vagina is itchy after my monthly period? Is it normal?


How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


Itchy finger

Does it mean something if your middle finger itches a lot?


Sore tongue smoking weed?

Can smoking weed give you lung cancer?


I want to produce breast milk

I have 46years, I hava an ambition to produce breast milk, how I get it


Vagina is itchy and I think it smells funny?

my vagina is itchy and I think it smells can other people smell this odor or is it just me and I shave down there


Sore white bump on my tongue

I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!


Do birth control pills really help breast growth?

does birth control really make breast grow??


Itchy vagina lips?

I have itchy vagina lips, and I want to know if anyone knows why and if anyone knows how to get rid of it...please help!!!

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When does breast milk stop producing?

after how long does breast milk stop producing after giving birth? and if it does stop producing at a later time, will the breast milk produce again if the child sucks on the breast?


One sore nipple and brown period

The last week my right nipple has been sore and my last two period has been brown what could be wrong?


Itchy Middle finger

The tip of my middle finger has been itching every day. It's been about three months. What could it be? It's not swollen it just itches bad.


How long does it take birth control to enlarge your breasts?

I have been thinking about getting on birth control for a while now. I am a small 34 a. Does birth control really make your breasts bigger and how long does it take it to kick in?


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