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Hump stuffed animal

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How to get rid of a buffalo hump?

anyone know about a buffalo hump , have one or know how to get rid of it?


When the stuf before your period is goey is that bad?

I knowthat before your period your suposed 2 get that clear stuf but its goey is that normal? :/


Any cure for a Stuffed Nose?

My nose is sooo00 plugged up right now. I can barely breathe!

Any Remedies out there you know about??



Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?

me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what

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Dry humping objects

I have never had my period. and I am older than most people are when they get their periods (I'm not like a 11 year old kid who humps stuff) both my sisters got their periods in 7th grade, and I have been past that point for a while now and still no p...


When can the semens pass through dry humping ?

Me and my boyfriend had dry humping 3days back. I was naked while he had his underwear on. Can the semens pass through ? Can I get pregnant ? M really worried please respond soon.

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Why do I hump things?

Okay, sometimes when I'm alone at my house.. I usually take of my clothes, and HUMP things? I do it because it feels good. I don't know why I do it. I can't help it either! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. How do I stop? Why am I doing this? And how do I stop?

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Why is my nose always stuffed?

My nose always seems to be stuffed, and because of this I don't have a very good sense of smell. It drives me crazy. My mom is supposed to take me to a ear nose and throat doctor to have my tonsils and adnoids checked out but I can't wait that long. Do...


What do you think is it weird to hump a pillow for that sensation ?

Ok so like im 15 and ever since I was like 5 (no kidding) id hump a pillow. When I was younger tho I didnt really understand. But now 10 years later I no that this like not right, I dunno. It just feels so good rubbing my clit oh the pillow!! But I've ...

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How to deal with getting shots?

I have to get a um..some kind of Shot that Girls are required to get-meningitist. :( I am so freaked about it, and I keep crying. My mom told me I could get it on my butt instead of th muscle in my arm, because my arm's very sensitive. Would it hurt mo...


Why does it hurt when sperm comes out?

It hurts when sperm comes out for some reason and it happens when I'm humping a toy with a hole in it, it's enjoyable until the sperm comes out cause it hurts

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How soon should someone get a rabies shot after being bitten?

how soon must a person get rabies shots after being bitten by a bat?
if the animal did not have rabies, does a person still have to get a rabies shot?


What drives you to tears?

I am not an emotional person at all, but seeing sick or injured animals and severe anger makes me cry. So what makes you guys cry?


any good ways to get rid of the stuffyness?

The past cuple days, I've had a really stuffed up nose and have been sneezing a lot. Anyone know any good ways to get rid of the stuffyness?


What are the chances she could be pregnant?

so me and girlfriend dry humped da other day
she had panties and I had boxers
I cumd but kept going
and den I cumd again
what are da chances she culd b pregnant

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Can you get pregnant from rubbing?

Can you get pregnant from you and your partner not actually having intercourse? Like can you dry hump or "rub" each other's parts and be ok? This may be a stupid question, but I really need to know!!

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How do you deal with your emotions?

How do you deal with your emotions?
When your sad, angry, confused, etc, what do you do to deal with it?

I personally take long walks, and punch stuff ;)
*not people and animals before anyone starts on me...*



Dry humping/pregnant

So me and my girlfriend were dry humping I had boxers on and she had jeans shorts and underwear and I came while we were in the middle of pressing is it possible she could get pregnant even though I had boxers on and she had shorts and underwear

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