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Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?


Can belly button piercings scab?

Can belly button piercings scab?


Why is my monroe piercing red around the hole & raised?

I got it about 9 days ago.
My lip itself isnt swollen
But around the hole its red in a circle and its kinda raised up a little bit more then my regular skin.
Im freaking out, I dont want it to be infected which I doubt it is because I clean it w/ s...


How long is a Monroe piercing swollen for?

ow long does it usually be swollen for

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How do you know which hole the tampon goes in?

When you are sittind down on the toilet and you try to insert a tampon, how do you know which hole it goes in?

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Signs of an infected piercing?

what are signs of a infected ear piercing for ex. is your ear supposed to hurt a lot and be red or abnormal amount of time?


A bump on the back of my piercing, is that OK?

I just got my ears pearced in january 30th on the top of my ear and now it hurts...
and I have a bump on the back of my earing im scared...
the earing is stil in their


noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing

im trying to figure out why all of the sudden I noticed a bump under my cartilage piercing. it looks weird just wondering if its normal or not


Holes "down there" (girls!)

Okay so, my friend said that girls have two holes "down there".
Is that really true?
If so, what all comes out of one and the other?

I'm really curious.

:) Thank you.

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How can you tell if the Claire's ear antiseptic is expired?

How can you tell if the Claire's ear antiseptic is expired? There's no expiration date. Can you tell by sight or smell, because it make sense that if antiseptic have been here for a decade it will expire or bad effects.


What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?

What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?

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Snake Bite PIercings Swelling?

I got snake bite piercings a few days ago.. When does the selling of the lip go down? My lips still swollen and its going on the 4th day :(


Why does my vagina have a thing in the hole that looks like petals?

There is a thing in my vagina hole that looks like a lot of flower petals. Sometimes, white gooey stuff comes out of it. What does this mean?


Why is my ear swollen from gauging?

I went from a 12 to a ten this week. My ear is huge and red swollen. I have cleaned it throughly, but should I seek medical attention?


What does it mean if my piercing (left earlobe) is black?

Like, when I take out the earring, the hole is black and surrounded by this black...colour I geuss? It doesnt hurt at all, and its not leaking anything, and its fully healed.


is my ear peircing infected??

ok I got my ear pierced a second time about a year ago and two days ago while putting pressure on it I noticed there was a lump where the whole is and now it is extremely sore do you think its infected?


The Inside of my Ear is Swollen

For about 5 days, the inside of my ear hole has been swollen, and sore when I apply any pressure. I was wondering if it was just an ordinary ear ache or ear infection, because I don't remember doing anything to hurt it. I was wondering if anyone coul...


How do I know if my ear is infected?

My ear is throbbing and I got it done not yesterday but the day before, it is my cartilige, and it is like a purply red colour.. can anyone help me?


Why can't I find the hole for a tampon?

So, can anywhere tell me where it is? I know this is lame. Sorry..
But like I'm assuming I can't find it because I moved the tampon around and it never went in...


Swelling after a piercing.

How do I reduce the swelling quickly after spiderbite piercings? I've tried ice but it doesn't seem to be going down, one of the piercings is actually digging into the skin so much that it is almost not visible on the inside of my lip.


Infected monroe piercing

My monore is infected I got ride of most of it but were the ball contact my outer lip is red and wound like and it has a nasty discharge!!
Any adive is welocmed please

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Why do I have a deep hole in my chest area?

Why do I have a deep hole in my body (chest area) my mum said when she was going to give birth to me they had to cut her open and get me out is that the reason why I have that? And how can I get rid of it because im scared of taking my t shirt off in t...

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