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Can you get pregnant by missing the Depo shot?

Could someone who has intercoarse the day before the depo-shot exspires and then misses the shot the next day... become pregnant? plus during this time she was on her period? as in me


How long does it take prednisone shot to work on poison ivy rash?

I got the shot two days ago and still have yet to see results. How long does it take? I mean I got the shot and im on prednisone pill medication also for six days. I am entering my third day. Will I see results soon?


Where can you get shot that won't cause serious damage?

I was thinking, when I'm older, I'll want a gun in case of an emergency , you know?
But if I ever have to shoot, I don't want to kill anyone, or shoot them somewhere that will cause serious damage and impact their lives.
So where can you shoot someon...


Does getting the Depo Provera shot hurt?

I currently take birth control pills, but I am thinking about switching to the depo provera shot instead. I find it to be more relieving to not have to worry about missing any pills or being on time.

Anyway, I guess my question is..just how much does...


Are there any pills that can knock you out?

ok I need to get a surgury done and I can't get a shot to put me to sleep because I have a phobia of shots. I hate getting general anesthia because it always makes me sick and it freaks me out... so are there any pills that can knock you out, not just ...


why are my nipples hard and sore?

My nipples have been really hard and sore for about 3 days now. Also yesterday I noticed a lil bit of brown discharge in my underwear.. it was there today too. I'm late on my period but its irregular because of The depo shot I used to be on. But any th...


Why is my hymen white?

Well I am a carmel colored female.. I really dont pay attention to my body as I should but last week I noticed that my hymen was a milky white and not a pink color it has never been any color but pink... Doesnt hurt, not swollen or anything. I was also...


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