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How early do signs of pregnancy show up?

how early do signs of pregnancy show up


What are the early sings of pregnancy?

What are the early sings of pregnancy? Like 1 or 2 weeks in...



I Got my period 1 week early and got my period for a couple hours

I Got my period 1 week early and got my period for a couple hours and then it stopped and hasn't came back. Am I pregnant? Or is this common, this has never happened to me before.


Am I pregnant or is my period coming early?

i have experienced light cramping and light bleeding a few days before my period is due the bleeding is much lighter than my normal period and earlier. I have breast tenderness and some nausea. I'm confused.


Is brown, milky discharge and sharp pains in my lower abdominals and back normal during early pregnancy?

So i think im Pregnant;
And im just asking incase i am.

Is a brown, mild smelling milky discahrge normal during early pregnancy?

And is it normal to come with sharp lower back, side, and abdominal pains?


Peeled Sunburn to Early

So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?


What are the first signs of early pregnancy?

I think I am pregnant but what are some signs of being pregnant? In the early stages of pregnancy does your stomach start to hurt an get a headache and what not? I would just like to know some signs with out taking a home test until a little later? I ...


Early pregnancy discharge

Can any of you guys help me out? Got a few questions about Early Pregnancy Discharge!

What's the deal with Vaginal Discharge in early stages of pregnancy?
What differences does it have to normal discharge?
What does it look like?
Does it smell?
Is t...


Did any of you change your piercing jewelry early?

Piercings are a big thing in teens now a days. Today I'm getting my lip pierced and my monroe done. And I would like to have some questions answered about them.

I know the piercer when I first got my lip done said to not take your piercing out and ch...



Is constipation a sign of early pregnancy??


Are weird lower cramps a pregnancy symptom?

In early pregnancy do you have these weird cramps in the lower part of stomach? Just wondering.


Could I be?

I got my period a week early and it only lasted for 1 day. Could I be pregnant?


Pregnancy and Nipple?

People say that a early sign of pregnancy is dark nipples !

What I would like to know is do they go proper proper dark or just darker than they were before?

Much love x


How soon does pregnancy swell your stomach?

Well If I was 1 or 2 wks pregnant could I feel the swelling in my stomach or is it too early to show any signs? Please send me some answers.


Is this a pregnancy sign?

Well my stomache feels kinda tight and round the bottom does too ?

Also when I bend down its feels abit strange if ya get me :l

And I also havnt been sleeping right. I keep wakingup early hours ?


Period and constipation

Okay, In the time span of 2 months, I've only had about five bowel movements. When the constipation gets really bad, I always get these really bad urges to urinate, but I cannot urine. Also, my period (last month) came 5 days early, only stayed for one...


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