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Does Synergy Detox work to flush out THC?

has anyone used Synergy Detox system to flush out before drug test for THC?


When you take champ flush out detox work for detoxing opiates?

I have a urine test 2moro afternoon and I bought champ flush out detox and want 2 know if I should pass or not... If anyone has taken this product before and passed a drug test for opiates let me know please!


when you are not clean for 48 hours will rescue detox drinks work?

the hints say to stay clean of all toxins for 48 hours before using but its not under the directions...will it still clean my system even though I have not been clean for 48 hours


What Detox Pills Work for THC Removal and do they really work?

I am taking a 10 day Detox product (pills) and drinking roughly 1 gallon of water a day. Has anyone ever had success with 10 day Detox pills--do they really work for THC? I'm 6'2, 175, go to the gym 2 times week, on average. I'm very lean--roughly ...



how do you get THC out of your system?


Do detox drinks work to help clear your system of THC?

I have been researching on how to get THC out of my system now for a week or two. I found out about a week or so ago, that I have to take a urine test in order to get a job. Your response seemed to be the most real. Others seem to just post on here ...


Do naicin pills work

Do naicin pills work on the same day of a drug test?


coke detox time :)

how can I get cocaine out of my system fast 2-3 days



If I somked cocain drank vinegar and a lot of water would I pass a drug test


How long does it take Gynaecosid to work?

expecting my menses 6days now and took the pills yesterday or is there any similar thing to do?


Does Detox 7 Whole body cleanser help you pass a u.a test???

I need to know if Detox 7(not the premium Detox 7) can make you pass a drug test?


How can a pregnant woman detox from marijuana?

so I recently found out I was pregnant, and at my first appt, the doc drug tests me. I have been a user of marijuana for a long time now, its been something that I have been working on for a long time. but I decided to quit for the baby on new years, a...


How long does it take prednisone shot to work on poison ivy rash?

I got the shot two days ago and still have yet to see results. How long does it take? I mean I got the shot and im on prednisone pill medication also for six days. I am entering my third day. Will I see results soon?


Marijuana Detox

I never smoke marijuana. Howeveron May 31, after a few drinks for celebrating my birthday, my boyfriend offered and I took a few puffs. Now I have to take a drug test for a job at the end of this month; June 30. Do you think the marijuana will be ou...


Does ready clean detoxify work?

I need to a drug test in about 2 days and I smoke a lot of bud and now I need to take a urine drug test for a job I want, I bought ready clean detoxify because I heard it cleans your system. I'm planning on drinking lots of water and drink the drink 1 ...


How to pass a piss test Fast?

I bought two detoxes. I took one tonight and Im taking one tomorrow morning and if I fail I go away for a about a year! So any suggestions to help?Extra things to try before I go in or will these work? I know detoxes are just a cover up for a few hours...


How to get marijuana out your system?

What is free and really works to get marijuana out of your system?


How long does birth control pills start to take in effect?

How long does it take birth control pills to start working?


How to pass a ua

How do I get meth out of my system fast. Does drinking baking soda work


Will they find out I stored urine in a condom?

I had a friend give me a urine sample in a condom, I used this sample and was still warm will this work or will they find out that I stored it in a condom?


Vinegar and brown paper bag to help a sunburn?

What can help a sunburn? I tried Aloe and it's not working at all... Help, it really hurts...


Disadvantages because of Asthma

I am asthma,I don't find it a big deal,never had to use an inhaler only when the doctor wanted me to for a breathing test,but I find tha I get out of breathe easily when I work out,dance,run etc.
I'm not really out of shape,I am definetley not fat,but ...


Chance of getting pregnant with condom

How tiny is there of a chance of getting pregnant when using a condom? Is there anything that will help the condom work I'ts best? What other protection should we use?

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How do I clean my system of thc within hours?

Im trying to clean my system of thc within the next few hours. I've been smoking for quite a while. So anything will work


How do I stop bleeding from a cut toe?

I cut a chunk off my toe it's been bleeding for about an hour now. Band-aids won't work should I try to drop some candle wax on it?


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