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What is cum

What is cum?

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Are there dangers when swallowing cum?

are there any dangers to swallowing a dudes"s come?
if there are could you please tell me:]
thank you;]

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How is swallowing cum good for you?

Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way???

A Girl Who Is Curious.

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what is the difference between cum and pre-cum?

I just wanna know the difference.
Is it like one kind is in vagina the other is not? or what?

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if a boy didnt cum can you still be pregnent?

if a boy didint cum can you still be pregnent?

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Can you get pregnant even if he doesnt cum inside you?

Can you get pregnant even if he doesnt cum inside you?

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Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

can you become pregnent when you swollow sperm ???

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Cum sickness lol

Can cum make you feel sick? or upset ur stomach?

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birth control can I still get pregnant if he cums inside?

if im on birth control and he cums inside me, can I still get pregnant?

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Who do all guys have pre cum?

I was wondering do all guys have pre cum because a guy I was tlkin to said that most black guys, like him dont have pre cum?

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How to stop swallowing a lot when I get nervous?

I swallow a lot because I get nervus. ..anyone know how to stop it and why it happens?

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Birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?

If a girl takes birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?

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Can you die from swallowing BTB?

A kid in my class swallowed the substance BTB in chemistry today,and I was wondering if anything bad can happen to him???


what does it feel like when a guy cums in you

is it cold or warm when a guy cums in you??? Do you feel wetter??? Do you feel something dripping out of you???PLease answer my question


Can cum cause pregnancy?

I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*


How much cum should I eject from my va-jay-jay?

Everytime I cum there is like 4 litres of cum... I could like seriously fill a milk jug with cum! Is that normal? What's the normal amount?

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can a girl get pregnant if they're is boys cum in her knickers

im guna put it pritty simple too be honest, can a girl get pregnant if they're is boys cum in her knickers or if he's touched her around the vagina or fingered her with his cum on his fingers


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Is it bad for a guy to cum in you when your on birth control?

If your girlfriend, wife, lover, etc. is on the pill, is it safe to cum in her? I assume its safe but I want other peoples input on it. include stories if youd like

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Cum being healthy...

Ok so my boyfriend just showed me this article saying that swallowing a guys cum will reduce there chances of breast cancer by like 40-50 % and yes its a real article its supose to be on cnn but I don't understand how this is true and has anyone else h...


Could i become pregnant if my boyfriend's condom broke, but he didn't cum in it ?

He came in the condom we had about 30 minutes earlier. We had a break cause he was tired, and put a new condom on, and he was a little too rough and it broke while it was in me..

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Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me

Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me

am 15 I've been with my boyfriend for a year already we do it a lot I've never gotten preggo but I was woundering if I can even if he pulls out and has a condom on we do that all the ...

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Can I get pregnant from swallowing c*m?

I am 13 I will be 14 soon I been seeing this 20 year old & will last night when my mom & dad went to sleep he picked me up & we went back to his house & went down to his room & were maken out then I started to give him a hand job then he asked me to gi...


can you get pregnet

if you finger her and you have cum on your finger

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