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Cast broken bone

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Homemade hard casts for broken bones!

Does anyone knowhoe to make homemade hard casts that won't come off, like the kind they give you when you break a bone? Cause recently I broke my wrist and I don't want to have to pay to get one if I can figure out how to make one..PLEASE HELP

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does having your period mean you broken your hymen?

does having your period mean you broken your hymen?


How do you know if your hymen is broken?

I am 16 and a virgin and I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and I want my first time to be with him. My question to you is how can I break my hymen without the pain or bleeding, and how will I know if its broken?


how can doctor say whether your hymen is broken and you r not virgin?

I have not got my periods for last 3 months and my boyfriend does fingering once a week
if I go to a doctor with my mother will she say that my hymen is broken because m not virgin

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Breaking your own bone

To all of you who want to know how to break your own ankle/wrist/arm/leg.. whatever it may be...

Stop asking questions like this. Even if someone told you how, it is pretty much impossible to do because your body has a defense mechanism.


have I broken my hymen


I am really concerned about if my hymen is broken,
I have insterted my finger into my vagina and I have felt no pain and bleeding

can my finger reach to my hymen and do you think if I have broke it, my finger easily can enter to my inside but s...


How far up is the hymen?

ok how far up your v. is your cherry/hymen? I mean I know what it is and how its broken and all far up?


How to know if you have hymen?

How do you know if you still have a hymen??
I've used a tampon before so does that mean I have definitely broken it??
and where is it?


How deep is your hymen?

I'm not a virgin, but my hymen hasn't been broken yet.How hard oe deep do I have to go when I finger myself?

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what are the tiny, red dots around my two year olds eyes?

what are the tiny red dots all around my daughters eyes from? Are they broken blood vessells from her crying too hard?


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