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smoking with braces

if you smoke with braces on, is it bad for your braces, or effect them?
it probably doesn't, but just checking.
and I know smoking is bad. I don't need a lecture on how it hurts your body. I just want an answer to this question.


how can you make your teeth grow in faster?

how can you make your teeth grow in faster?
my orthodontist said I cant take my
braces off until it comes down!
and its taking MONTHS AND MONTHS!!!
im sooo sick of my braces!! I've had them on for almst
3yrs now because of my tooth problem...
can you p...


How do I get my teeth to stop hurting?

Okay, I got my braces tightened, and the hurt like HECK. I've tried advil, and everything else. I also have to wear rubberbands. Those hurt sooo bad too. I feel like I want to bite into something sooo bad, or just rip them off. What do I do?!

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