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Boyfriend drink breast milk

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what if the husband drinks the breast milk?

is it harmful?

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How to produce breast milk with out pregnancy?

How to produce breast milk with out pregnancy?


Is drinking milk during your period bad?

I have read that you shouldnt drink milk during your period. why is this??? what is bad about milk during your period???


Does drinking milk make your boobs grow?

Does drinking milk make your boobs grow faster or does it not?

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How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


I want to produce breast milk

I have 46years, I hava an ambition to produce breast milk, how I get it


When does breast milk stop producing?

after how long does breast milk stop producing after giving birth? and if it does stop producing at a later time, will the breast milk produce again if the child sucks on the breast?


What causes bowel movements after drinking too much milk?

What causes bowel movements after drinking too much milk?
I know this is a graphic question but, I had some milk earlier and I had too much. It always seems to cause bowel movements for me for some reason and I don't know why. What's the cause?
Just ...


Can I produce breast milk for my husband without being pregnant?

My husband loves my breasts, he likes to fondle them and suck them...he also wants to drink milk from them. Is it at all possible to fulfill his wishes and produce breastmilk without pregnancy?

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Does milk from my breasts mean I'm pregnant?

I have not been having any breast stimulation but I noticed when I squeezed my breast one day that milk squirted out. I took a pregnancy test 5 days before I missed my period. Is it possible for me to be pregnant???

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Why are my breasts leaking milk after 8 years?

A few days ago, after getting out of the shower, I noticed a white fluid coming from my nipples that looks a lot like breast milk. My youngest is 8 years old now, why are my breasts leaking?


Does drinking vinegar prevent pregnancy?

Does drinking vinegar prevent pregnancy?


Can drinking vinegar kill you?

Can drinking vinegar kill you and what are the effects?


Does drinking alcohol make your period end faster?

Does drinking alcohol make your period end faster?


How bad for you is drinking 2 liters of vodka a week

Is it really that bad


Can I drink alcohol after donating blood?

I have donated blood, just a few minutes ago, Is that okay if I drink alchol now?


Do birth control pills really help breast growth?

does birth control really make breast grow??


If my boyfriend gets inside me but..

doesn't cum inside me, does that mean I might get pregnant?

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Pain in breasts

Nowadays whenever my boyfriend sucks my breasts they pain a bit..after 2 dayz they are tat normal??please advise...

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What could happen if you drink toilet water?

I know this is nasty but my sister was wondering... What happen's if you drink a little toilet water... Could you get sick.

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