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What do I do if I peeled the sunburn skin?

Its raw pink, and I don't know what to do! :(


How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?

How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?


Vinegar and brown paper bag to help a sunburn?

What can help a sunburn? I tried Aloe and it's not working at all... Help, it really hurts...


Is it normal for my vagina to turn red?

When I mastubate, I do the shower head thingy.
Is it normal for my pussy to turn kinda red??
And, Can I reach an orgasm like this??

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went tanning got Burned!!! any advice???

I went tanning today and got a really bad burn on my stomach and chest, will this burn turn into a tan eventually? and is there anything I can do to make it switch to being a tan faster or help with the pain lol


sunburn. what it should look like

so I was out in the sun for 7 hours with NO sunscreen. I know, stupid right? but anyways my skin is peeling and it sortof looks blotchy. like my skin is tan and then where its peeling its like pink and different colours. is that normal? or does this so...


Raw Skin After Sunburn

I got sunburned like 8 days ago and I started peeling two days ago.. underneath the peeling skin is a pinkish color... is it normal/? I never had it happen after a sunburn before.. and the peeling skin is like a leathery feel


Peeled Sunburn to Early

So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?


How do you get tan if youre anemic?

I wernt to the doctor last year and he said I am low in iron and therefore anemic. it makes me really pale and it is hard for me to get a tan. I dont burn or anything, the sun just bounces off me. I wouldnt mind except that im so plae that it looks gr...

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Why is my sperm clear?

I am 14 years old and my sperm is still clear why hasnt it turned white yet?


Stains in my underwear

I have the stains too and I was wondering if it could from when I missed my period and bled in my underwear could the blood turn brown after washing them?


Dont wanna peel

I burned alittle in the sun today. Do you think baby lotion will keep me from peeling. I dont wanna lose this tan?


black marks from popping a pimple, how do I remove?

I poped a bump on my forehead and on my chin and it turned black how can I get my skin color back its really black it



If you Whip your child with a belt and at first it leave welts for over 24 hours, and then it turns into a bruise, even if the bruise isnt that dark, but you can tell its there, is it child abuse?


Vagina colour

Somehow, my vagina is a darker colour than the rest of the skin on my body .. Is this normal ? .. Cause my skin is lightly tanned .. & then my vagin ais like a dark brown ..

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help- face peeling and school about to start!

im sunburned and my face is going to peel soon and I dont want it peeling for school which starts in a few weeks...a few questions-

I start school aug 10th, will my face still be peeling by then?
when will my face start peeling if I just got the bu...


Why do I feel sick after eating Poptarts?

so I eat these poptarts in class everyday. they are brown sugar cinnamon and they are my favorite flavor. but everyday when im done eating them and I turn to my friend to talk to her I feel like im going to puke. whats wrong?


What is this discharge when my boyfriend fingers me?

Um well like when I my boyfriend fingers me (or someitmes when I do) this like white kinda not lump but like small white bits come out (only sometimes) like is it just discharge or what... because I know when my "cum" dries out on my finger it turns li...

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Bumps on my vagina that just won't go away!

Please help! I have been shaving my vagina for a long time now, to come to the same problem everytime. I always get bumps, which I know is from the skin being irritated, but sometimes also the bumps tend to turn into ingrown hairs, and then instead of ...


What is the average dick size or a 14 year old

Me and my girlfriend were talking about dicks, and I asked her what she thought an average size was

she didn't respond lol

but what is it
I'm 14, ( just turned 14)
but my voice hasn't cracked

My dick is around 4 inches

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What color should the inner labia be for a hispanic person be?

I would like to know.. Im a light tan, and mine at the end it has a shadow color. what I thought was maybe my period changed the color of my vagina. If it was that. what can I do to get rid of that?


How do I get my vagina better looking?

How do I get my vagina better looking? The lips are saggy, Dry, and turning blackish. I heard if you stop fingering yourslef the sagging will go away, but I cant! Im addicted to it. Please help. Oh, It smells like fish too. HELP!

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Smelly vagina

I have a regular discharge almost daily, but it comes out clear. so I know its normal. But I want my boyfriend to finger me for the first time, but I just dont know what it should smell like, because my vagina doesnt always smell good. so I dont know i...

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Is it normal for tampons to hurt when sitting down?

ok,I just turned 13,& I just strted using tampons. when I 1st put it n,it hurt,but I expected that. but when I sat down,it nearly killed me! my momma said to push it up farther,so I did. but when I sat down,it still kinda,hurt,like a dull ache. is that...


How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system?

yea im 15 about to turn 16.

each time I go to the local skatepark-
I know like each guy there from school parties etc.
they always ask me if I want to get smoked down,
and I always say no, because I have to be home like by 11pm
& they all said I've ch...


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