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Inner thigh odor and anus odor

Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation.

I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat doe...


Vagina is itchy and I think it smells funny?

my vagina is itchy and I think it smells can other people smell this odor or is it just me and I shave down there


What is the wet clear stuff in my underwear and will it go away?

I have really wet clear stuff coming out of my has no odor,or color.


what is she supposed to smell like DOWN THERE???

what is a girl supposed to smell like DOWN THERE??? because I kinda smelled it before and NO it didnt smell like FISH... but it did have an odor to it... it wasnt a terrible smell. . but what shud it smell like anyway?


I am on my period using a tampon, but whats this clear fluid coming

I sometimes I am on my period and have a tampon in and a clear , no odor fluid comes out of my vagina and I don't know what this is or why. It's not urine, and there's no blood its just some type of fluid leaking around my tampon and into my panties. ...


Razor burn on the vaginal area

Ok I shaved down there 2 days ago. I have razor burn so severe that I have bumps all over and around my clit. Its soo swollen down near my anal area that its hard to use a tampon is this normal?


How do I make my vagina smell better?

my boyfriend keeps trying to get his hands down my pants, but every time he trys, I don't let him. my fear is that I think my pussy smells bad. it has this odor of like-nastyness. girls you know what I mean. does eating pineapple really work? how d...

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Yeast infection?

I have no idea whats going on with my vagina. It's freaking me out. So for a LONG time there's been discharge on my undies. Like this yellowy stuff that dries onto it. I never told any one about it though because I was scared. My clitoris has gotten da...

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