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Anal odor

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How do I fix my anal odor?

Hey everyone I'm Jay and I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. Ever since the middle of last summer I started to get this strange anus odor like yours and I have no idea what brought it on it just seems like it just kinda came to me and I have no idea...


can pregnancy make your anal area inside itch?

can pregnancy make your anal area inside itch?

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Anal distortion

Is it normal to bleed out of your anus when you turn fifteen?

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How can someone have bad odor after showering?

Why is it that even if someone had a shower they still have a bad odour?


What would happen if you were having anal and the condom fell off?

Would you have to get it surgically removed?!

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Small worms coming out from her anal?

my daughter said that she may have worms coming from the anal area what can be done about this.

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Can a girl become pregnant during anal

Can you get a girl pregnant during anal some people say you can but I don't understand y

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how do you get rid of THAT type of odor?

how do you get rid of vaginal odor and start smelling fresher and sweeter


What is the best thing for anal itching?

What is the best thing for anal itching? A certain brand of cream? Different soaps?

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Why does my urine have odor with out a urinary tract infection?

My urine stinks and my droctor says I dont have a urinary tract infection. why does my urine stink?


Disharge with Odor

Why am I having an brownish discharge with an odor and with little spots of blood. Could I be pregnant and if so could I be having a miscarriage?


Why does my urine have a strong odor?

for the past 3 days, my pee has a very strong scent.. whats wrong?


odor in my vagina

I have an amonia like odor in my vagina area sometimes. have wettness on my underwear that smells. especially when my body temp goes up


Why does my pee have a foul odor and it is cloudy?

My urine has a foul odor to it and is cloudy, especially in the mornings. It doesn't burn or hurt to pee though. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong?


Bad vaginal odor and discharge

I have very bad vaginal odor and not sure why exactly and I wash and clean very good and douvhe regulary I just cant figure out what the problem is?


Why are feminine pads good and how do you prevent odor?

It's as simple as that; are pads very noticable through clothing? Why are they good? Bad? How to prevent odor that may occur. How often YOU personally change them. Positives. Etc.


anal bleeding

about once or twice a month I get really bad stomach pains and start bleedin out my butt.. whats wrong

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how do i tell him i dont want anal?

last night he went to shuv it on up there and i didn't try to stop him, lucky it wouldnt fit and he gave up, but i dont want him to try again... help??

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How long for this odor to dimish after I stopped The Pill?

I was on B. control pills for approximately 9 days but I noticed that an odor was cumin from my vagina when I was on them so I completely stopped, the smell has now decreased but it's not gone completely. How long will it take for it to completely di...


Can an infected boil near the anus lead to anal fistula?

My friend told me that she had a boil, and suddenly lead to a hole . The boil was actually re-accuring before it went to a fistula not sure if it was really a fistula.

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smell anu