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Transfering from homeschool to highschool and am scared....

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So I have been homeschool for five years now, and before that I was public schooled until fourth grade. I am going back to public school next year, but am afraid because I have NO idea how to socialize whatsoever. That and I am not allowed to have a Facebook, or twitter, or anything that kids have now, and will get picked on terribly.

I have ONE friend right now that I can tell anything, and she is homeschooled too, but we only talk online because we are STATES away, so I am not going to have any friends when I start.

That and I will only be fourteen, and being in homeschool has boosted me up to a grade with 16 year olds... I feel like I am going to be so left out...

Proms/Dances scare me too, because I feel like if I go, I will be a total disgrace and ruin everything.

Not only that, I have to go to school with a girl that I used to talk to that is my age and lives 2 houses down, and she used to treat me like her best friend and now she shuns me, and I didn't even do anything. I will be a sophomore and she will be a freshman, an I already confirmed that we are going to the same school.

I have no money whatsoever, so I won't be wearing the cool clothes, so that will cause bullies...

I don't know what to do! Thanks ahead a time guys!