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How do I prove to my philosophy professor that I exist?

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I'm supposed to type a 5-6 page paper about how I exist, and how I'm not just an illusion to my philosophy teacher. This is what he says: Proving your own existence to yourself is easy. You know that you exist because you are thinking about it. The problem is you don't really know if the people and things around you are real. As far as you know those people and things you know so well are mere figments of your imagination. It is like you are living a dream, incapable of waking up to see what reality really is. Or perhaps all the things you think you sense as real are actually illusions presented to you by some other being or yourself. It gets complicated fast, so look at it from my point of view. I have been able assure myself of my own existence because I experience my own thoughts. Likewise, you can do the same. Unfortunately, I cannot be sure that you, my students, are real. You may be illusions created by my imagination. So your challenge for this paper is to prove to me that you exist, that you are a real person. This paper allows you to be creative, but remember to maintain reason.