Will I pass the 9th grade?

Okay I currently have two F’s one D one B and C this grading quarter ends in two weeks. If I raise my grades slightly finishing this quarter, and get B’s & A’s the next two quarters will I pass?

Answer #1

Honestly because of that ‘no child left behind’ crap; my school almost NEVER fails students but I can’t speak for every school, if you’re worried, bump your F’s up to D’s and you’ll pass. Good luck.

Answer #2

ahh thanks. :3

Answer #3

Every school has a different grading scale, we don’t know yours but don’t worry so much about passing if you are not really learning enough. I can speak from personal experience that being passed when I shouldn’t have ended up hurting me later when I got to college. Never be afraid to stay back a grade to really make sure you know the material. It’s better to deal with this now rather than later in life.

Answer #4

The embarrassment, I wouldn’t be able to deal. I’m improving my grades now. Oh I get the material it’s just I half ass the work and/or don’t turn them in xD

Answer #5

The secret to doing well in school is to do all of your homework to the best of your ability on a regular basis. You will soon discover that you are a lazy straight A student. I wish I had your problems.

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