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Does my teacher like me? What should I do?

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Okay so I have this really flirty Theology teacher, he is only 22. It's his first year teaching, but he graduated from the school he teaches at and where I attend. I'm 16. He's extremely nice and funny, but sometimes when I interact with him, it's a little more than just an ideal teacher- student relationship..

My evidence thus far is:

1) I told him on Monday that I like his taste in bowties and then on Tuesday he ends up wearing one instead of a tie 2) He defended me when my friend insulted me in front of him. “Well, she actually read her test, Mrs. Candelaria. You are very much in the wrong.” 3)He overheard me in the hallway tell one of my friends “Git it shawty, git it” and he greets me by saying that. 4) We slipped notes under his door with our insider and he kept them rather than throwing them away. 5)My teacher also remembered my midterm grade an no one else’s out of his 126 students 6) He always smirks at me and my friends when he passes by us in the hallways too 7) Oh, one day he asked me for help and only me 8) He asked me if I would be returning to school on a teacher work day 9) He asked my friends and I what we were planning on wearing to homecoming 10) He asked us to get him food, and we did, and you should’ve seen the excitement over the corndog we got him. 11) He constantly calls me out in class 12) He has insiders with my friends and I… Inside Jokes… 13) He is like bffs with my mother, who was his teacher, and now is his co-worker.. 14) He came looking for me yesterday as if I was his best friend, then he realized what he was doing, walked away only to return later and try to play it cool

Do you think he's being nice or he's being flirty or what?