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What is high school like?

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High school is going to start next year for me and I'll be in Grade 9. I have seen the inside of a high school in real life only two times. I'm leaving behind so many of my closest friends... and since we won't have 1 permanent class the entire year like middle school, I might not be in the classes with my friends who will be there.
The reason I would like to know more about high school now is because lately I've been so nervous and I'm worried it will be a lot different then I expected.
Many people have told me the high school I am going to is very good and 98% bully free, so that's great news.
My main curiosities about high school are:
- Is the work really that hard?
- What are the differences between middle and high school?
- How can I survive the first year of being in a new place surrounded by new people?
- What are things I should stay away from, if there are any?

Thank you to whoever helped. I appreciate it. :)