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Should I stay on till the end of 6th year? (Very important)

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After the summer holidays I'll be going into 5th year. If I do well with my 4 highers and int.2 maths in the final exams May 2014 (getting A's or B's). I live in Scotland. Should I continue into 6th year and grab a few extra highers or after those exams go straight into uni to study history and possibly become a teacher? I'm not sure as although I know i'll most likely meet the entry requirements, (could be Glasgow uni). I'm not too sure if staying in 6th year will increase my chances of getting into university or with the 4 highers & int.2 that my chances of entering university are just as good and likely? Would 6th year be worth my time? Would college also be a way of helping to get me extra qualifications to attend university? If so how?