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What do you think about this teacher? what should i do?

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I told the principal in a meeting and she talked 2 him... now he's doing it again. He is staring a lot now, he keeps walking behind me in the hall. On Tues. (this Tues.) He waited 4 us 2 go around the corner and when we did he came out the library and walked behind us. and he be so close 2 u . My friend doesnt want 2 come with me anymore inside his room becuz he has been treating her mean. she waited outside 4 me in the hall. Instead of sitting next 2 him i sat 2 seats up and started 2 read my paper. then he told me he couldnt hear me and told me i had 2 sit in the seat next 2 him. he shut the door and started smiling at me. HE DIDNT EVEN NEED 2 SHUT THE DOOR!! It wasnt even loud in the hall it was in the morning. I was talking 2 hi another time and my friend was in the hall and he was eating and spit came out his mouth and fell 2 the ground , he kicked it. i was like... did u just... he said yea i did it. I was still looking at the ground then he said im human. when he said that he was breathing very hard on my head. i moved back alittle. He told me 2 read what was on the paper, I read it, and i looked up and i jumped becuz he was so freakin close im like :0 then he moved back. I was holding the paper on the side, he saw my thumb. He put his hand on my thumb reading a answer. it dosent take all of that he didnt even have 2 do that. I knew after the meeting it was gonna end up like this...