Am I too old to be a senior in high school?

I turned 18 on October 2nd and I’m in 12th grade? Is this too old?

Answer #1

No, it doesn’t matter how old you are. 18 is totally normal for a senior.

Answer #2

Its not bad, most kids that are 18 in the beginning of 12th grade must means you had to start school a year late because of your birth date, just relax its perfectly normal :-)

Answer #3

Not at all. I’ve known of 20 year old high school students. Now that the practice of “red shirting” is getting popular in a few years you can expect to see many 18 year old students starting their senior year.

Answer #4

Nope. That seems about average to me.

Answer #5

heyyy my birthdays october 1st! n no thats how i was when i graduated high school i was 18

Answer #6

Definitely not, it is totally normal for a senior student.

Answer #7

your birthday is early in the school year…some kids birthdays are at the end of the school year like mine. There are some kids who have theirs in summer and they are seniors. In this country most are turning 18 during senior year.

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