do you think its a good idea to have medal detectors in schools?

I think it’s a good idea

Answer #1

In some places :/ it doesn’t seem to be needed where I am but in some places I’d say it’d definitely be smart but it’d probably cost too much to put it in all schools in the states.

Answer #2

True about the cost but what about the cost of lives? Can’t replace that, just saying and wasn’t trying to argue cause I agree it would cost alot of money

Answer #3

I agree with you. But I guess it’s just how the government works. But I agree with you can’t put a cost on the safety of people.

Answer #4

Mmm hmm

Answer #5

All that it will do is add more fright to school life. I am not for that. In reality, schools should invest more on counselors and psychiatrist. They will be able to prevent school violence more than just some medal detector.

In terms of cost, I would rather have my tax dollars be spent of teachers eager to help the children than a machine that says “BEEP BEEP! Hey you have medal, not sure if you have just house keys or a gun, let strip search you for everyone’s safety.”

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