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what are different positions to finger a girl in

when my boyfriend fingers my I lay on the floor and he has one arm behind my head and the other inside and he sucks my boobs...what other positions can we try because its comfortable for me but for him his arm starts to fall asleep and his wrist starts...

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What does it mean when a girl wants to fall asleep in your arms?

I was txting my soon to be girlfriend last night and she said that she wished I was there so she could fall asleep in my arms and knew she was safe. She also said she wanted me to hold her forever and never let go. What does this mean?


where are good spots to kiss a girl

okay what spots should I kiss a girl like her neck and ears?? do usually all gurls like that?? also would I french kiss down the neck?? I need some help please and I would like gurls to answer this becasue you know they know what feels good and what th...


Fingering my girls clit makes her laugh and..

Fingering my girls clit makes her laugh and feel like she wants to cum, she can get loud and she doesn't want anyone to hear her, she put a pillow over her head and everything, she said if I press on it hard enough it feels good more than makes her lau...

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What if my girl too tight?

So my girl is virgin
1 finger fits
But damn she tight
Being asian I thought I would fit
But no since my d!ck is like width of 4 middle fingers
My friend say force it in
She really wants me in her
And well, I dont wanna hurt her or anything

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Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


How to finger a girl outside her pants?

Ok so I go over to my girlfriends house a lot and she likes when I touch her but she never takes her pants off because her parents are always home. How exactly do I figure out where her vag is by feeling outside the jeans? Can anyone help me or give me...

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What does it feel like when you suck on a girls pussy?

What does it feel like when you suck on a girls pussy? I'm turning 16 next week and I wanna suck my girls pussy before my birthday but im afraid that it might feel weird on my mouth or smell funky and possibly gag or something like that any tips??? Ple...

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Is it OK that I touched a girl's butt as she slept?

okay so the other day my sister had one her friends stay the night and she slept on my couch. I went up to her and started feeling her butt and putting her hand around my schlong and jerking myself off with her hand, but she woke up and kept on doing i...

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Where do girls want guy's hands during making out?

I know all girls are diffirint but I was just wonderin were would you want a boy to place there hands while makein out?
most of the time I just set my hands around her waist but I would like to try somethin different.. any advice at all would be apprec...

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Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

I've been dating my boyfriend for three years now. The details to our serious and loving relationship don't even need to be said. To be blunt and get to the point, I just want to know if it would be OK for a GIRL to ask a GUY to marry her. If yes, i...


Why do white girls want to date black boys?

I am not trying to sound prejudice but it seems that there are so many mixed relationships out there and I wonder what it is about it ,is just the thrill of having people stare at daughter is in a relationship with a worthless guy who is mexican...


What are good positions for girls when they get fingered?

when I get fingered I don't really know what im supposed to do. I have gotten fingered once and I just kinda layed there breathing loud and kinda fast while we kissed a few times andi wld slowly run my hands on his back and sides. so what shld I do I w...

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Girls, what do you like about grinding?

I'm a guy who's 17. How can I tell if a girl really likes me grinding with them? I get "hard ones" (that I'm sure they can feel) and they always stay with me for quite a while (a few minutes). I just stand behind them, hold on to their waist and m...


How to finger a VERY tight girl?

Hi, Im a 15 yr old male... I've come so close to fingering my girlfriend but everytime I go to put my finger in her vagina she says it hurts and she tells me to stop...she has told me that she doesnt use tampons so she is realy tight...I dont know what...

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What if this girl is too tight?

hey dudes and gals I've been out with this girl for a while and I ended up fingering here (trying to) but she is WAY to tight tigher than any girl I've fingerd before and I know I've fingerd girls that havent been fingerd before but I have never had a ...

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Would a girl like if a guy jacked off to her and nothing else?

So my girlfriend asked me if I've ever jacked off before and I said yes because I never want to lie to her..she means a lot and even thought I didnt want to tell her..I did..and she asked me if I watched porn and I dont and I think she might be wonderi...

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What does it mean when I guy gives a girl a stuffed animal?

Today leaving a get together with friends which a guy friend asked if I wanted a ride to and picked me up, going out of his way (backtracking) to do so. We picked up another friend (a guy & his best friend) on the way to meet up with everyone else. Whe...


Why do girls not eat in front of guys? Does it turn off guys?

Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. The...

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Could I possibly be pregnant if...

-My stomach is really hard at certain places
-my breast have been really tender.
-I'm on the pill but me and my boyfriend don't use condoms.
-I have break through bleeding.
-I have ben having really bad stomach cramps and tight feeling in my stoma...

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How is it possible to hurt a girl when you finger her?

Im 15 and me and my girlfriend just started touchin more about a month ago and she is very shy.the first time I did finger her it started as just kissing and touching then she laid down and pulled me with her and then she told me that she wanted me to ...


cumming an Squirting

Whats the diffrents between a girl cumming a girl Squirting?

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Why does he always want to touch my stomach?

Why does this one guy always want to touch my stomach?
With my shirt on or whatever, he just wants to touch, rub, poke, tickle.. he like.. has an obsession with my stomach lol
That's never happened to me before, and I'm the only girl he does that to.....

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Where do guys touch?

Where do guys usually touch girls while they're making out if both have agreed to touching over and under clothes? And where should girls touch the guys?

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fingering yourself during your period

have any of you girl out there fingered yourself during your period and what does it feel like?


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