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Okay so I appreciate anyone who actually takes their time to read this and answer it!

Okay so their's this girl in my class, she's 14 so am I, and she's been acting REALLY strange. So I get in a bit of a fight she's very protective of me, then, 10 minutes later she calls me gay and makes fun of me, jokefully, but she does it a LOT. She doesn't do it to any other guys either. Sometimes I walk by her and smile at her and she tries to make it obvious she's talking about some other guy who's really hot and all...Then today at lunch, I was eating with her and her friend, and 2 of my friends, and they made a joke about a guy asking any girl out until he got a yes so I jokingly did it too, and when I asked her she said no, so did her friend (don't really mind her)..we all had a laugh and I was like pretending to be sad and then she was like i'll date you and then I looked at her and she was like confused which is quite unsual for her. Also, I have this friend, who's a girl and we pretend to be siblings, and when she heard it she asked if she could be my sister and I jokingly asked her if she would familyzone me and she was confused again, and said she would friendzone me instead still confused and then she was like maybe not, or probably not, and she said probably not is the most likely. I'm like really confused? Pls help! And there's this other guy who she might like and she's always kind to him but I feel he's just her friend but I don't really know...

Thanks, and sorry for making it this long

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It sounds to me that she likes you, except when she is around her friends, if that makes sense? You should probably try to talk to her about how you feel and ask her how she feels. Tell her that the things she is doing are confusing you and that you're getting mixed feelings. Just get her alone and talk to her.

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I can't really tell you if she likes you or not, but it sounds like she might be interested. Don't ask her out in joking manners because you're going to get an answer that isn't serious. If you really want to date this girl, meet up with her one on one or just find her when she's alone without her friends and ask her if she'd like to go on a date with you somewhere. Be completely serious, don't joke. And just see how things go from there :)

Very confused, I need some advice please!!!!!!!!
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I agree with other answers but being always in the vicinity so it might be difficult for both of you to gauge each other's feelings.

It may be wise that you stay away from school or wherever you guys meet for couple of days and check out her reaction just be casual and dont bring the subject that you missed her or not. See what she says about it.

Another thing is that the guy to whom she is kind may be for entire different reasons so dont worry till you are sure that she is hitting on him.

I get a feeling from your description that you guys are still not sure and you both have lot od other available options so dont restrict yourself, go out and talk to other gals as well, god knows sometimes you may get some other person who is more fun, like able that the one with whom you wanna be, just dont put a leash on your mind.

You are pretty young to get into anything serious or may be its like having crushes but just be your self with her and dont go being a cute puppy to her !! I hope i did not offend you by saying this !

Ugh. I need advice???
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Sounds like she likes you - but guessing that she doesn't really want much to happen, just be her friend and do what you normally do and if something happens go for it!

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