favorit kissing moment

what is you favorite kissing moment?

Answer #1

favorite kissing moment- lets see, i will set this up with a bit of info here- prior to this incident i had kissed plenty of women without the same effect as i am going to describe.

i was graduating high school and my class had a party back in a field away from prying eyes - during the course of this party some of the underclassmen girls i knew decided to call out- senior kiss- so they obviously had ulterior motives- so i had a line of in front of me waiting to kiss me- well i kissed each one in turn until my classmate LeeAnn was in front of me, we had a bit of history- i was terribly infatuated with her and always wanted more so we puckered up and i kissed her- a deep slow tongue caressing french kiss. as this was going on i was experiencing the “fireworks” and my heart was seriously beating out of my chest- we kissed for what had to have been minutes, and when i released her she was week in the knees and began to fall- so i caught her quickly and brought her back up to me for one more quick kiss- this time when i let her go she was able to stand up- her friend told her she had to leave the party and i BEGRUDGINGLY let her go- she said she would be back later. well she never made it back and i never knew why- we had already graduated- i gave her friend a note asking her out and none of my phone calls got her on the line.

roll time 15 years later- our 15 year class reunion- i walk into the bar and i hear my name shouted out and suddenly i had this woman in my arms- i knew without even looking it was LeeAnn. she backed away after our seriously hard embrace and looked me in the eyes and asked if i remembered ‘that kiss’, i told her i did- how could i forget.

during the course of the evening she filled in the blanks of what happened 15 years ago. when she left the party she got grounded when she got home- technically she was an adult but still living with her parents and still subject to their rules- she was grounded from the phone as well and when i sent the note with her friend - her friend had torn it up and not given it to her because she felt i was too wild for her- and also would not transmit any messages to me from her. so we were out of communication.

that kiss will always live in my memory as the stereotypical “fireworks kiss” and a sad testament to the ‘one that got away’ and the ‘what might have been’.

there is more to the story i may relate at another time.

Answer #2

On the County Fair Ferris-wheel Summer after my 8’th grade year with the female I cared 4 on the final high point on 1 of the last operations of the ride that night.

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Answer #4

ahh that only ever happen once to me. so your a lucky person

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