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Why do guys while kissing, get hard yet dont pull back?

What I mean is when kissing a guy they tend to get hard and usually they pull away from a girl but...when I makeout with my boyfriend I feel his you know what :) but he pulls me closer and harder. What does that mean? I just wanna know other peoples po...


HELP!! I made-out with a guy who has a girlfriend!!

I did something terribly wrong last night.
I went to a club with some friends and a guy last night. This guy and I have a past but I thought it was over since he now has an out-of-province girlfriend. That seems to be a problem tho because I got prett...


Does a guy like you if he always answers your phone calls?

Ok I like this guy and I think he likes me. Everytime I call he always answers the phone, maybe on the first ring or whenever but he always answers the phone. I rarely ever get to his voicemail and if he does get a missed call he always calls me back. ...


I think I gave my guy friend a boner on accident!!!

I have this guy friend, but we are really just friends. Well one day during school I was sitting there and he was sitting across from me at the table in Spanish and I lifted my feet to put them on his legs, to use him as a foot rest. I accidently had m...

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Is it true when a guy touch your hair/head, means that they like u?

He's like 3 to 2 years older than me. I'm 18. And he only does that to me.

He also showed some gestures/signs that makes me think that he likes me. He's my friend's best friend btw.

1) He looked at me for no reason at times.
2) He touched my hea...

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Does My Crush Like Me Back Or Does He Hate Me?

This is really complicated so Ill start from the beginning. There is this boy I like, obviously. :3 I've always had a crush on him since grade 1.

Anyways, he is really popular, and I am sort of not. I am not a loser or anything but Im not the type o...


When the girl makes noise, is it good?

When the girl makes lots of noise and scratches the guys back and sucks on his neck is it good, for the guy?? do guys like that??

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What position do you girls like when getting eaten out?

What position do girls like when you guys get eaten out? Do you guys like it layin down or sittin down, 69

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What are Signs That a Girl Likes You?

what are some signs that a girl will show when she likes a guy?

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Why does precum taste better than cum?

I love giving guys head but why does precum taste so good in every guy but cum so different

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What should you do while he fingers you?

Guys, do you like it if your girl moans or kisses you or what?

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Are you still a virgin?

Are you still a virgin if you get fingered? How about if you get head from a guy?

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What should a girl do while he's doing this?

what should a girl do while getting fingered? Any advice? and what do you guys like for girls to do when you are fingering them?

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Does being fingered take your virginity?

If a guy fingers a girl, does it mean that she has lost her virginity?

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Dirty truth or dares

What are some good/dirty truth or dares? There are going to be guys and girls

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Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one ...


Grinding tips

What turns a guy on when your grinding with him? Any tips? To make him get really horny?

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Why does it bleed everytime he fingers me?

I got my cherry popped just by a guy fingering me, is that normal?

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getting really wet

so whenever guys rub me and finger me I get really wet. is that normal?

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Can he tell if you're a virgin by fingering you?

If a guy fingers you, can he tell by feeling around if you are a virgin or not? Can he tell if your hymen is broken?

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Freaky texts

How to be freaky to a guy on the phone
But not too discusiting
Just play freaky mind games with him
What do I say?


Places to touch a boy

What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?

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What are some dirty talk examples?

My boyfriend loves dirty talk. Can you guys give me some examples? I'm not very good at it.

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What does cum taste like?

Like if I guy wants yu to like drink/eat cum ... What does it taste like?? Is it good or bad??

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Why do I wanna suck a dick so bad?

About 2 days ago I gave a guy head for the first time.during it I wasnt not having fun,but it wasnt the best,but now,I wanna suck a guys dick soo badly...wats rong wit me..ugh.

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