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Cum taste?

I have let my boyfriend cum all over my face and boobs but not in my mouth. I just want to know hat it tastes like

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how long should I wait untill I let him finger me

im 16. I've never been fingered long should I wait untill I let my boyfriend finger me?

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Does it take a long time?

Does it take a long time for you boyfriend to become hard/cum while dry-humping? Or is it just simple pleasure?

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how do I pleaseure myself?

how do I pleaseur myself? my breast are verry sencative and I love my boyfriend touching them and sucking them. how can I pleasure myself? what should I do uther than fingering?

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How do I make a guy horny?

I want to make my boyfriend really horny, so what are the most things that can make a guy reallly horny? Answer back please.

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How do I prepare to be a bottom boy?

I am bi, and in love with my boyfriend. We are going to make love, and this will be my first time as a bottom. He is very well endowed, what should I do?

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How do I make my boyfrend finger me?

How do I tell my boyfriend if he wants to finger me I mean he touches me but im not sure he wants to??? pleeze help!

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How do you finger yourself really good ?

I was readding my friends text and she told her boyfriend that she fingerd her self thinking about him I no what it is but how do yu do it ?

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When I get 'wet', I get really 'wet'..

My boyfriend really likes to tease me before he actually removes my pants and/or underwear. I get SUPER wet, like to the point of where it leaves a massive wet mark on my pants! (Yes, it does seep through my underwear and pants! yeah, it's a lot!!!)


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How do I make out laying down?

My boyfriend wants me to make out with him laying down but I don't know what to do! like he said he wants to feel me up and I don't know what to do to him and how to make out laying down..we mad eout pleantly of times normally

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Whats a good dirty bet?

Ok my boyfriend have won most bets we made so wats one that the girlfriend can with at thts dirty and or cute?

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What do I do when trying to give a hickey?

I tried giving a hickey to my boyfriend but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it to turn a color. I just have no clue what I'm doing.. What do I do?

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Names of some sad hard rock/ metal/emo/ punk rock songs...

Hi.. Im really depressed and I kinda need to listen to some good modern day hard rock/metal/emo/ punk rock songs that will give me a good cry.. You know to let it all out... Its about my boyfriend.. Well, ex boyfriend so yeah.. I need names of some son...


Am I too young to be fingered?

OK so im 13 years old and my boyfriend want to finger me...I want him to but im do I shave..or not..and am I to young..I need helppp...

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Why do I bleed everytime?

my boyfriend has fingered me like 4 times already and everytime I bleed... is this normal or something I should be worried about? someone please help me.

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Why does he shake?

When I kiss my boyfriend he shakes. I don’t know what part of him trembles, but I can feel it against me. I’m worried.
It puts me off kissing him because I think it hurts him. It can’t be a nice feeling for him either.
Why is he shaking?


How can I get him in the mood?

I really wanna know what I can do to put my boyfriend in the mood. I don't know why, but when I lick his neck it works. But I really wanna try something else. Any ideas?

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Eating out a girl

Okay so I was wondering what a vagina tastes like because my boyfriend has wanted to eat me out but I dont let him because I feel disgusted by what it might taste like, so what does it taste like?

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Afraid Of Loosing My Virginity

do l have to loose my viginity when my boyfriend puts his finger on my private part? because lam still a virgin

Please help me before its too late

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what do I do if a boy cums in my mouth?

I want to give my boyfriend head and its my first time and im scared I will do it wrong and im just wondering what I do if he cums in my mouth and whether to swallow it or not?

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How long after your cherry pops do you start bleedingg?

How long after your cherry pops do you start bleeding? my boyfriend of nine months wants to finger me and im afraid that if he does, he will pop my cherry and bleed all over me. how much do you usually bleed when your cherry is popped?

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Do guys like it when girls moan when making out?

And when other things are going on? I.e, last night my boyfriend and I were making out and he was feeling me up and touching me all over the place haha, and I moaned here and there during it. Do guys like it when they do or no?

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How does eating a girl taste?

Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?

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Why: Is it normal for it to make noise when he fingers me?

When my boyfriend fingers me, it starts making like a queefing sound? It's really embarassing and I start getting self conscious and it makes it harder for me to cum. Is this noise normal?

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Best way to give a guy head

Hey, im 16 and my boyfriend is 17

I want to know how I can give him head really well

I need help help?

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