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How do you kiss a guy??

What are you supposed to do when a guy puts his tongue in your mouth? Are you supossed to put your tongue in his mouth or just suck on his tongue?

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Don't like kissing my s.o.

If you don't enjoy kissing/making out with your partner, is that a sign that you should just be friends?

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Who was your worst kiss with and how?

just wondering. because mine was bad. the guy didn't have a clue what he was doing!

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why when I kiss my hand for practice it feels stupid?

when I kiss my hand to practice french kissing it feels stupid and wierd to do so anyone have the same problemo?

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How old should you be to have your first kiss ?

I'm 13 years old, and I have already had my first kiss .
do you think I am too young to have already had my first kiss ?

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Moving In For A Kiss

I have been seeing ma lad for ages and we havent kissed yet! how do I move in for our first kiss?


How do I prepare for my first kiss?

My boyfriend said he wants to kiss me tomorrow but how do I prepare? I never kissed a boy before.

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How exactly do you French kiss?

how exacly do you french kiss? is there a particular way? some movement you no?ya whatever?


Kissing a guy with a mustache

I was just wondering
is it weird kissing
a guy who has
a mustache?
it would just seem really weird
to me and prickly.

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How old were you guys when you had your first kiss?

I just wanna know I was 13 when I had my first kiss was I to old to young. how old wer you guys?

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When im kissing, should I be doing anything?

When im kissing boyfriend, should I be doin anything else? Like with my hands or whatever.

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When should I have my first kiss?

im 14 I never bin on a date or kissed is this good or bad

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Ever Kissed Somebody and Didn't Feel Non?

Have yuh ever kissed someone and didn't feel nothing?

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Why am I so nervous when it comes to kissing?

I have a disco coming up and the guy I like wants me to kiss x

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What should I do when he kisses my neck?

When ue kisses my neckk what do I dooo?I juss dont noe what to doo?

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What are the best ways/moves to kiss your boyfriend?

Like which kisses turns him on the most. And while doing that, which moves can you make that will really make him turned on?

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Who did you have your first kiss with?

Who was your first kiss with??and did you like it or was it bad?? Tell me all the details on what happenedd:) just wonderin..:p


What is the difference between a 1st kiss and a 1st REAL kiss?

I hear people say that they had their 1st kiss as a kid but their 1st REAL kiss as a teen and I never understand what the difference is =maybe thats because I havent had my 1st kiss yet but I also never get what they mean by REAL kiss isnt a kiss just ...


Don't know how to kiss

Okay, well my girlfriend kissed me the other day, and it was amazing, but my problem is that I don't really know how to kiss her back. Like, making out.

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Words to Mouth While Kissing

I like to mouth the word "peaches" Do other people mouth words? What do you say? Or is that just something weird I do?


How to kiss my boyfriends if its his first??

I tried to explain to him and he just doesnt understand. I have kissed guys before. He has never kissed a girl before.

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How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me?

I want my 13 year old boyfriend to kiss me and I want him to just at least see me!...
any tips on how to get him to kiss me?

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What Turns A Dude On While Kissing? Male Responses Only

whats the best way to turn on a dude while kissing him? and how do you get him to touch you while kissing?

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