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What's the best place to start fingering a girl?

ok,what is the best way to go in to finger a girl,like from the side or what...

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What makes a girls cum taste sweet?

Ok so this is a weird question.. But what makes a girls cum taste sweet? Or what should she ea to make it taste sweet?

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I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out

I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out do that make me bi but I don't want to kiss her are nothing else are eat her out I just want her to do me and that all

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Do guys feel boners?

Can guys always feel their boners? And do they usually get them from just seeing or kissing a girl they like. Lol just a random question I was wondering about.

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How do I make a guy horny?

I want to make my boyfriend really horny, so what are the most things that can make a guy reallly horny? Answer back please.

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Does every girl finger themselves?

I read about it all of the time how these girls are fingering themselves and stuff but I just cant do it. Should I? I dont feel that comfortable doing it but I want can I?

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How do you get a girl horny without her wanting to do anything?

I have a girl coming over and she said that she might not be too horny so I have to help and I don't know what I should do to get her horny without her having to do anything?

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What can I say to make a girl rilly horny through text?

I want to make this girl that I like rilly horny threw text anyone know what I can say?

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Do guys like it really wet?

Hey do you think its gross when your like about to finger/eat a girl out and shes reallly wet? Its that a bad or a good thing?

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What gets a guy really hard?

Like what do guys think about to get them really hard? Like do hot movie scenes make you horny? or like pics of topless girls or what? Just curious lol :)

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say if im textin this guy and I wanna make him horny?

what EXACTLY do I say if im textin this guy and I wanna make him horny? please help because I wanna text him tonight! ;)

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how do you play the nervous game on a girl to make her squirm in a

I really need to know how to play the nervous game on a girl, what do you do? eg, how do you touch her to make her squirm, etc?

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How does a girl cum!!!

I have seen lots of porn. And I have seen girls cum... and when I say cum I mean white stuff come out of their vigina.

Or can a female do that???

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How Do I Make A Girl Horny At School?

How do I make a girl horny at school im in sixth from and I can never meet her outside of school due to parent reasons so how do I make her horny at school?

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How do you turn on a girl haha im not used to it ...

How can you turn on a girl and make her really horny?? And how do you make her horny while txting her or msging her please help haha :)

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Is a 34A cup too small for guys?

I just want to know how many guy's like girl's with big breste or small one's is 34a too small?(not that I care cus of guy's)I need a vote, how many guy's say small and how many say big?

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If a guy talks marriage, does that mean he's in love?

does it mean he really was in love with you? cause not alot og guys would talk about that, most guys stay away from the subject


What is the best way to caress a girls butt to where she wont slap?

Just wonderin if any of you girls find it a turnoff to touch a girls butt, or is their a certain way to do it that is not disrespectful at all.

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When a guy touches your Face means?

What does ti mean when a guy looks into your eyes, and stare for about 5-10sec and then touches your face, and kisses you? does it mean he likesu?


Does it hurt a girl to touch her after her period?

is it bad to finger a girl right after she gets done with her period? I fingered my girlfriend and I got a lil blood on my fingers. did it hurt her at all?

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What is it when a girl "gets wet?"

we dont understand what it is because we have heard that it is cum . . . but it cant be because girls dont have sperm and cum is sperm so how can a girl cum?? and if it is not cum then what is it that comes out of the vagaina??

Please answer we rli ...

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Guys, where do you like to be touched?

I know all guys like to be touched in different places and rubbed, grabbed, poked lol differently as well whats yours? Like how do I touch the dick and aren't there other places I should be touching?

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Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?

I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.

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What are somethings I can say to make this guy hard?

okay first of all we're not with each other right now... I just want to say some stuff thatll make him hard lol...

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How do I finger a girl?

im 13 and my girlfriend is 15 and I want too finger her well she wants me too finger her and I dont know how to ...can someone help me..

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