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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


how do I finger myself:im too scared to do it ?

Im too scared to finger myself. All I do is rub it. and how does it feel, because I really really want to try it out.

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what is a girl supposed to do while being fingered

what is a girl supposed to do while being fingered? I just dont know what to do

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How should a girl react when someone is fingering her?

How should a girl react when someone is fingering her?

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What do I do if my girlfriend can feel my erection?

We have a dance at school tonight and we are going to slow dance and I always get an erection when we do; it is really embarasing and she hasn't felt it yet but almost did at the last dance! How can I keep from getting one, and if she does feel it what...

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How would a virgin feel being eaten out?

Im in a relationship with a girl and I realy like her and she a virgin I wanna eat her out but I wanna know would she like that considering she a virgin?

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why are girls so obsessed with there weight?

not alll guys judge by sizee. why are they always callin them selves fat but when they get called fat they cry or get mad.

?? ideas?


At Partys Things Get A Lil To Heavy

At partys i wanna stick out and be the girl everyone wants to be with and flirt with and do shit with but how can i be this girl AND DOTN EVEN SAY BE UR SELF I AHVE TRIED THAT DAMN IT!

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Conversation ideas

Everytime me and my boyfriend talk on the phone sometimes we have nothin 2 talk about and I hate the silences. does anyone have any idea of things we should talk about


My friend is gay

My friend told my boyfriend to
Brake up with me
And he did and I hate her
Now because she told him too

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talk about what???

what are things you can talk about with your boyfriend on a date???


My boyfriends mom thinks I am not right for her son

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3-4 months now(sorry I am not a counter) anyways I thought his mom liked me up until last night... Kevin had just gotten out of a serious 4 year relationship in which he was engaged to the girl and she was jobl...


The guy I like is in love with slipknot and other stuff help please

Ok so I like this guy and he is a total oppiset of me I like beyonce, areopostal, and pretty colors ect. and he likes slipknot ( which I'm beginning to like ) , black and death ( lol) ect but he's also really sensitive and sweet and I'm totally in lo...

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How does it feel to be cheated on ..only females anwser this

How does it feel 2 b cheated on ...because I cheat a lot dis iz just 4 females


How do I win this girl over?

Hi, my name is david,
I've met this girl at a company I just came to, and its in the middle of nowhere in the bush...anyway, we both like each other a lot and we are attracted to each other, but the only problem is, is that she's got a boyfriend with w...


How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?

How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?


Why won't he even make an effort to talk to me?

me and my boyfriend broke up over a month ago, and about 2 days after we did, he told me that he wanted to work things out. well he hasnt been talking to me at all or even making an effort to talk to me. he says hes busy with work and stuff but he cant...


Why do white girls want to date black boys?

I am not trying to sound prejudice but it seems that there are so many mixed relationships out there and I wonder what it is about it ,is just the thrill of having people stare at daughter is in a relationship with a worthless guy who is mexican...


Mongolian spot

I have a newborn with a mongolian spot. I am caucasion and the father is african american, it says every where that mongolian spots apear in dark babies. When my little boy first came out he was very white now two weeks later he is a little darker but ...


What age should you be when you first orgasm?

what age should you be when you firs cum

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Is 8 inches big?

I've never compared myself to anyone or gave a rat's a?!s?!s how long anyone else's pen*s was but, is 8" big for a 16 year old, when hard of course? Cause whenever I'd dance with someone they'd look happier than ever so I'd just like an actual answer c...

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what would you think?

what would you think if a guy called you hun when you talked or texted him?
ex. night hun :), etc.
we're 14


How do you get a girl alone?

Im 13 and I have had many girlfriends but I still have never kissed a gril on the lips, I say it because theres always to many people around and at my school no one lives near each other so she cant come over. So im askeing how would you get a girls al...

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Vagianal Smell

Is it normal to have a little vaginal smell? It's not to strong but I can notice it's there. Can other people notice it too?


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