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what do sum of you guys like in a girl?

well I just broke up with my boy friend. He lied way to much.
I'm shy I'm not beautiful but in not hideouse either. I'm just.. Well.. Ok I guess..
But I'm not the best with flirting. Actually I kinda suck. So can sum of you GUYS tell me what you li...

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a page out of my diary............any explanation?

this is a page out of my diary i wrote when i was sad, pls explain to me why i am feeling that way:
There are just some things that I can’t talk about with my friends, or my family, or even the closest person to me...


Who is your hero?

:) mine is my granma, my beautiful wonderful granma <3 xx


if you were a parent where/do you hide your condoms

if you were a parent where would or do you hide your condoms bc my boyfriend and I go to the gas station everyday to buy condoms they only come in a 3 pack and its becoming verrryyy expensive.


What do I get Josh for our one year anniversary?

Me and My boyrfiend are coming up on our one year anniversary and i need ideas forn a gift. hes 13, likes historical books and is an excellent drawer. Help please. ts in a couple days.


How come no guy wants to get to know me?

How come no guy wants to get to know me? Am I doing sumthin wrong? Because I know im not doin anythin wrong..when I meet a guy I just act like myself (nice)...what do I do??

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cant live without her

my girlfriend of almost years broke up with me three days ago and I miss her so much shes the love of my life and will always be. my friends tell me to just forget about her but they dont feel the way I do I just cant live without her. I think about h...


How can I get over my boyfriend who is in love with pot?

So just two days ago, my boyfriend and I, which weve been going out for 9 months, broke up. he started really getting obsessed with weed. he bought about 200$ worthof it.. I told him that its getting wayy too far and that he needs to make a decision b...


Why can't I have an orgasium from fingering myself?

I had a shower and played with myself for a bit and I did'nt feel anythign and then I gott out and started fingering myself and I stared to rub the lips bit and then I put a finger in and I did'nt have an orgasium or any fing it just hurt ???/? :(

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why does my boyfriend say this to me?

He always tells me that I'm beautiful, to him. Is he trying to say that other people don't find me beautiful? Please answer.


people at school have started calling me a sket?

Basically me and my friends are like the popular girls at our school but were really nice and we still act like ourselves. So anyways my friends were eating lunch today so I went to my old friend to talk and she told me how people have been saying sinc...


how to make a guy horny?

how do you make a guy horny?when your with him?

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im bi girl does she like me?

im 18 and a girl. I like this girl C (20) and think she does because: we tlk evry day,hangout lots although she seems 2 hide that we hang,she stares,stands close,drives me home and we touched hands twice.What do you think? im asking her tmrw if I can a...

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How to make my boy friend feel bad for treating me bad?

My boyfriend treats me like im nothing.But I really love him && when im really close to just saying I cant do this anymore.He starts to sweet talk me && some how I go for it . I really dont want to brake up just want to get him back !

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How can I make my vagina creamy?

I love it when I see girls in the porn videos with creamy vagina, how can I make my vagina creamy?

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Should I Break Up With Him?

I have been going out with this guy for allmost two months
Still has not kissed me! When we first started going out
he called me like every day he has not called me in like
six weeks I see him once a week It's so cute when I walk
in his face ligh...


How do you top a girl?

Hi guys , I am just a bit confused but what do you do when your topping a girl I'm 13 and my girlfriend said I could top her tomorow

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what should I do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs

What should I be doing while my boyfriend is sucking on my boobs?

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Why do hot girls date ugly guys?

Okay I am very curious as to why really attractive girls are always sleeping with ugly guys. How are the girls who are bigger or not hot get anyone if these girls are taking them all away?? I just wanna know.

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What is something that will turn him on in seconds?

Tomorrow me and a guy are hanging, we do all the basic stuff to turn on each other. I want to do something different this time to make him turned on in seconds and supprise him. Help?


how to react? :)

Well basically me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 2 and a half months now I see him everyday (at school) and I go round his house at least once a week and him comes round mine the same. We've been talking and we agreed that the next time...


Girls and boys answers plzz

There are two girls I relly like but 2 off my best friends has been out with one of them so I dont want to lose my friends bui also dont now witch ow to pic

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What if called this girl a name at school and now I'm freaked out?

So I really don't like this girl at school, but I had been talking to my friend about my grandma, who called me a fat whore because she had a disease and she didn't know who I was, but that's not the point, anyways, so the girl said "becky" (not her re...


sucked boob boyfriend touch suck boob girl boyfriend sucked breast