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Why did I cry after being fingered?

Yesterday was the first time I've been fingered by my boyfriend. After he was done fingering me I broke out crying and I have no idea why. I told him I didn't no why I was crying but then I just started to make up excuses. To make things worse, I looke...


What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?

When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?

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What are words to describe your crush?

What are some words that can describe your crush..and im a girl by the way


how big do you think robert pattinsons penis is?

I was just wondering. if anybody knows the real size or found a picture of it online please tell me but if you dont how big do you think it is


When I let my boyfriend finger me do I have to take my pants off?

Im not sure if I have to take my pants off for my boyfriend to finger me... Do I?

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My boyfriend wants to finger me.

my boyfriend wants to finger me and I want him to. we are both totally ready but I'm really self concious about my body. I want him to finger me but I dont want him to see me with my pants off. and I dont want to bleed when he does it because that woul...

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When to stop fingering?

When you are fingering your girlfriend how do you know when to stop???
I know to stop if they Org. but are they supposed to Org. when you finger them??
Just give me different situations and what to do in them please. :) It would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I let me boyfriend finger me with out me having my period?

I'm not sure will I let him I love him but he's a year older then me and I have not go my period at all just a drip of blood once that was last week and I don't no if that means I have my period ? Help


What can I do if my girlfriend's parents won't let her date me?

I am a 16 year old guy, and I have been dating my 16 year old girlfriend for the past 4 months. We get along great and all, but her parents are EXTREMELY religious and will not let her date! I cannot have a normal relationship with her because we have ...


fingering yourself during your period

have any of you girl out there fingered yourself during your period and what does it feel like?


Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

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What do guys prefer? Big boobs?big butt? Or pretty girl?

Okay dudes?!
You guys prefer...
Big boobs?
Big butt?
Or a pretty girl with neither?

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How to make sure I taste good for my first kiss?

I have never been kissed.
And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something.
And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in.
We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything.
He to...


what does this mean Es verdad, Te amo mas?

In spanish what does Es verdad, Te amo mas mean? If a boy tells you this what does it mean?
and how do you say it back?


What are some naughty dares to do alone?

Hi I am a 14 year old guy and I need some good dares to do by myself when im bored and they need to be naughty.

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What should I do if he hasn't texted me in a week?

so there's this guy,we hung out kissed a few times.
he's REALLY sweet and nice! He gave me a gift on valentines day even though I didn't. THAT WAS THA LAST TIME I SAW HIM.. we texted,though tha msgs stopped coming in two days after that.I tried talkin...


Is this is a sign when a girl flirts with a guy

Is this is a sign when a girl flirts with a guy.

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What does it mean when your boyfriend rubs your vagina?

Today my boyfriend put his hands on my vigina but not probaly as I had trousers on but he started rubbing me there and it felt nice but I wanna no what that means if you guys evan no what I mean lol but im only 14 nearly 15 but I dont care I love him

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Why don't I attract anybody?

I have never had a boyfriend. I probably never will. Why don't I attract anybody? Am I undesirable? Unattractive?

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Saying no to my boyfriend.

so me && my boyfriend are at the point where we want to go further, like handjobs && fingering. but we never get a chance alone, so I keep saying no whenever he tries too. and I want too and im afraid he thinks that im scared or dont want too, or that ...

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Im in love with cousin, how should I know she loves me too?

Im in love with my cousin and I dont know if she is in love with me. How should I know she loves me too and is it best I tell her I love her or wait for her to tell me that she loves me? If I should tell her, what should I say?


what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done in bed with someone?

whats the kinkiest thing you've ever done in bed?
did you like it or not?

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Where else can I touch my boyfriend during kissing?

I'm 18. My boyfriend and I make out a lot. When we start, I'm usually laying on top of him. We start out kissing and then he'll pull my shirt up and start rubbing my back and stomach. A little while into it when we get pretty into it, we'll roll ov...


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