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Could I get paid for this?

I love dogs. And I was wondering, do you think I'd get paid for going to my animal shelter & taking the dogs out of their cage & play with them for awhile? Like in the big play pen area, I guess you could call it, lol. Even if I didnt get paid, that'd ...


What do you think about wholesale food prices having their biggest increase in 36 years?

From what I read in the news, wholesale food prices in the US had their biggest increase year over year in February....bigger than can be accounted for by a "bad winter" or other annual disasters or seasonal issues. In Egypt, the rising cost of food wa...


Where can a 13-year-old work in Chicago?

where can I find a job that a 13 year old can work in chicago


thinking about joining the army national guard

thinking about joining the army national guard.what yall think??


What's a contact phone number for Blue Licenses Holding?

Does anyone know a corporate number to call to reach Blue License Holding?


how to get a job a age 14 1/2

im 14 going on 15 in spetember. I am in desperite need ov money because I broke my PS3 by letting it over heat by accident. I was into the game God ov war 3 (pre-release) and then it juss over heated and never turned on. I called sony and they said bec...


I just turned fourteen years old and im looking for a summer job

I really love animals such as dogs,and really smart in school I get good grades.I also love baby sitting,I love swimming,and I love helping others.also I think its time for myself to have my own money and stop begging for some money from my mom...


Where can a convicted felon find work in FL?

Where can I find a list of employers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that hire convicted felons?


Where can a 13-year-old work?

where can thirteen year olds work and im thirteen I messed up on the thing 2ice


Can I get money orders at the post office with my amex card?

Can I get money orders at the post office with my amex card?


Creative ways to get off of work.

I don't want to go into work tomorrow for inventory so is there good excuses or creative illnesses I could catch to get off work?


Becomming a Photographer... ?

Now I've been into photography for years and years, and now I'm in grade 10, and I'm starting to look into a Media Arts college. How many years of College would It take to become one? I know all about getting the jobs afterwards and stuff and I know so...


How to get my dream car but with no money???

I really want a Lexus IS 250 '09 but I have no job or money :( HELP!

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What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?


Is it true that Aero is going bankrupt?

i heard a rumor about it and i think it cant be true,but is it?


Asda Aplication Form

Can I get an Asda Application Form online? Or do I have to go to the store and ask for one?


Can a 16 year old girl work at kohls or someplace like that?

Can a 16 year old girl work at kohls or someplace like that?

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I need money!!!

what kind of job can I get at 15 and a baby?

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Where can I work at the age of 14?

I'm 14 and I live in Waldorf Maryland and I want to know where can I get an job at close to my house or at my house?


Where?I'm 16 where can I work without job experience?

Like how many hours & How do I fill out my papers and stuff like that.Fill Me in , I Want a job so bad and what should I say for a job interview?


Why do jobs always want so much experience?

when im looking for a job they always ask for a lot of experience like if I have 80 years old
what can I do in this situation.


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