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How does a child from age 8-14 earn money?

How will I earn money so I can save up and spend a little I want to be able to help children and parents at the same time but I just don't know how ,so if you dont mind I could take some suggetions. By the way Im a straight A student so if theres any ...


Can I work at mcdonalds if im 14?

Im living in upstate ny and I'd like to know if I can work in mcdonalds at my age


Can I model if I'm only 5'3''?

I want so badly to model... but it seems like everyone is looking for a 6 foot size 0 girl. I am about a size 7 but my body is very well proportioned, my genes have provided me with nice hips and a rather large chest for my frame I suppose. I want to b...


How much is the hourly wage?

I just got a job at milestones, I start monday. does anybody know the hourly wage they give if you are a hostess?
Please answer if you do, I really need to know how to budget my things.
Thank you.


How do I start a career in Acting?

im 13 and someday I'd like to become an actor or a year im going to highschool and I'm going to adution for some plays. (will that help me at all for the future?)
id also like to become a dancer I've had a pashon for dancing ever sence I w...


What companies are always hiring?

I know like mcdonalds, walmart, superstore, grocery stores, and restraunts, etc. but what are some other places that are always hiring in canada???


How could I become qualified for a job as a teen?

By next summer I will have had my license and hopefully will get a car. In order to pay it off I intend on getting a summer job. With the economy the way it is and possibly will be, I want to know how I could stand a chance at getting a job against adu...


Gold cob pistole pistole bout barre dor?

hey I have these two coins one is kind of a penny color but it looks worn so it could have been gold color there not round they look hand made and I think there spanish one is silverish and the other is goldish but there faded soo. the golg one is abou...


What does premium text on your phone bill mean?

so I recently got my phone bill and I had to pay 50$ more because I made 10 premium text messages??? I know it cant be multimedia messaging but my parents are getting mad at me for the extra money. I think it might be one of those quiz that you do on ...


Summer Job I am 14 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio

Okay, so I'm looking for a Summer Job I am 14 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio. Do you think anyone will hire me ?


McDonald's Do you apply online or in person??!

Do you apply online or in person??!
This is my first time applying for a job. So I don't know.


Where in the World

Where in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can I find a job at the age of 15?


Do you know of any jobs that pay $100 per hour?

Does jobs pay$100 per hour?, if so which ones


Whats a clergy person?

Im doing a wedding project for school and it ask how much the clergy person will cost. What is that? Im think I have an idea but im not sure.


How to get stress leave?

How to get stress leave?


Who's on the 1,000,000 dollar bill?

Who's on the 1million dollar bill?


How do you become a Morgue Assistant?

I;m very interestied in mortuary science and am interested in becoming a morgue assistant but I can't find anything on google or anywhere else that says where to become one how much money they make and where schools are etc etc. With so many people dyi...


How to relax at my new job?

Hi, I start a new job next week. The question is, I'm really really shy around new people, until I know them a little... what can I do to relax and be myself?
I have no experience and this job postion is a training one which is great and can really...


What companies will hire felons in Michigan?

Is there a list of companies that will hire felons in Michigan?


Should I get a job to help pay for high school?

I'm 14, and just got a summer job. I've always been the type that looks ahead and goes 5 steps at a time. The thing is, when i go to high school , ill have to pay a lil more than half the tuition. Its a private school, and since my family just bought a...


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