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Do you think the economy is getting better.

Do you think the economy is getting better at least little by little any answer is welcome thank you.


Need to get a small job.

Yeah I know this sounds a bit stupid.
I'm 14 and I need to get a small job, but I don't know where I can get one because I'm only 14. I do a paper round at the moment which only pays £8 every two weeks which sucks. I'm willing to do almost anything to...

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Where can a convicted felon find a job in Phoenix?

Is there any jobs available for convicted felons in the Phoenix Arizona area if the convictions are less then 7 years old?


What career or profession requires an individual to know about imaginary numbers?

Numbers like 5i or radical -25. I was thinking something like time and space.


Worried about your finances?

How has the financial markets affected you? See any changes at your bank and what are you doing about it?


What can I write into the covering letter when I apply for a job?

I've been applying for a job (a government agency...) in the Internet and they had a questionnaire where I put every job, every training, my languages and skills and everything. The site said they would ask for more if they were interested. Now they se...


What is so much that they adults to pay for?

can someone make a budget or average monthly list of what adults have to pay for like mortagage,utilies,etc. My father takes things too, seroiusly. like "don't stay in the shower too, long!". What is so much that they have to pay for? is it that bad? h...


What are good ideas for a fund raiser??

My mom went to school with this one girl and they have remained friends their whole life. Well this girl had a kid named Carly, who was diagnosed with brain cancer nearly a year ago. My mom and a group of her friends and I pulled together a campaign th...


first job, sooo nervous.

Tuesday is the first day im starting my first job. I'm 17 years old. I am so nervous, I'm always thinking about what if I mess up, or what if costumers get frustrated by me if I don't know something. It is at a local marina, docking boats, helping keep...


How do I keep my job when I'm getting blamed for serious things that could lead to dismissal?

I'm on my final written warning for my till being down quite alot. The thing is, i have never stolen from my till and everytime a certain manager cashes my till up, its mysteriously down by quite a bit. My till is my responsibility and i make sure no i...


Can I work at Winn-Dixie if I'm 14?

I'm looking for a job but really I can't find any, except, (well it was more likely a rumor) Winn~Dixie. and the only thing there that you can do is bagging. Is this true, and/or what other jobs can a 14 year old get besides the babysitting crap. I'm t...


How to earn money easily and securely without investment?

How can we earn money easily via internet without investing any should be secure also...a part time job...


What's so special about "buffalo nickels?"

what's up with American buffalo nickels?


Careers for ex felons

I wanted to know what states allow ex felons become a nurse? I also wanted to know what other careers would cosider hiring a changed ex felon after he changed his life and when to school for that specific career?


I dont know anyone in my neighborhood that needs help!

I want to buy Taylor Swift Concert tickets, and my mom cant afford them so I am trying to get money everyway possible! The problem is that I dont know anyone in my neighborhood!


What is the hiring age for mcdonalds in akron ohio?

Because my sister told me that they hire at the age of 15 and I wanted to find out if it was ture


Can I model at 5'8'' and 140 lbs?

Right, be honest with me. I'm 140 lbs and 5'8" (Although I'm aiming to get down to 125 lbs).

My question is, can I model? I know 5'8" is basically the shortest you can be to model and I realise you have the be strictly size 4-8 (uk sizes). I'm size 8-...


Should I enter the Air Force or go to college?

Is entering the Air Force after high school better than entering college?


What is the best thing to replace working?

I'm 24, graduated from university...but I find it working is so stressful and I hate working...I don't understand why older generation can work since they young till now..I feel so lazy and low motivation every is suppose to be active and h...


Who knows if cash4books is a scam?

I needed to make some extra cash, so I decided to sell a bunch of my old books. Seventeen (the magazine) recommended Chegg in their January '10 issue, but I went to the site and they only buy textbooks. So, I found Cash4books. They mail you a box for s...


Can prospective employers find out if you've been on unemployment?

I read online that many companies will not hire you if you've been unemployed for more than six months because they assume something's wrong with you. I got laid off last year and decided to just take the year off surviving on unemployment and savings ...


Can you get a job in a different state?

i live in new york but i am going to visit family in florida. i may stay a while there since i finished high school early. can i work in florida even though i am from new york and am not a permanent florida residence?


How do I earn money on the web?

Can anybody tell me how to make money on the web!
Please suggest some genuine programs.


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